Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Necessary: Miracle Series by Lancome

I like fresh and I like floral, and when I got a sample of Miracle by Lancome I was in love.

And I think you will like it too, or at least I've fallen for it and thanking it for not being another one of those perfumes that smell like candy and chocolate. Thank God for Lancome, seriously. Try Miracle by Lancome, but it's okay if you don't like it cause perfume should never be bought for the sake of it.

I bought Miracle Summer which is a lighter version of Miracle, it's like diluted or something; though you may need a stand or place it on a sponge cause it tends to fall over.

1. Miracle
2. Miracle Summer

3. Miracle Forever
4. Miracle So Magic

5. Miracle Homme (for men and still smells delicious)

Love Porcelaine.

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  1. Oh I have the first one! It's absolutely devine xD And mine tends to fall over easily as well :\ I'm surprised it has broken yet, lol. Great blog by the way =]


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