Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Necessary & Unnecessary. Splurge on Christian Dior’s Flower Blossom

Firstly it is priced at around $100.

But don't let that put you off. "Flower Blossom" is a shimmer compact for the face, and a limited edition item. Inside you can find a bouquet of flowers, a lady beetle, a butterfly, and a gem shape in the centre. It is in pastel shades but the rosey centre can be used as a blush if you like, and the all over peach colour will light up your face. It's nicely presented in the box with a casing that has a velveteen feel (sure to get fingers patting it), initials CD marked on the top and inside a good sized mirror.

Try and get this as soon as possible, it might not be in stores anymore but it's worth a look (David Jones and Myer I think). And even if you're not planning to buy it you can guarantee you'll be salivating and is perfect eye candy to stare at, at the end of the day.

Love Porcelaine.

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