Saturday, November 8, 2008

Gucci By Gucci Perfume is Waiting for You by the Door

Commercials can be annoying at times. Annoying when they make you think that the object is trash when in fact they are exactly what your looking for. I hear you say "What the hell is she talking about? Isn't she meaning the opposite?". Okay, yes it is another perfume I'm talking about and it is the "Gucci By Gucci" fragrance, and the commercial made me think it would be all sexualised and one of those scents that smell like chocolate or candy. But in fact it doesn't, as far as I can tell, smell like edible food and it is a gorgeous perfume. And with six page spreads in the magazine it better be. The scent is still sexy but a bearable level and the colour scheme of chocolate, and coffee brown and gold pleases the eye. Sad to say the name is not that special but instead does the job to inform.

Go out there and try the sexy new fragrance Gucci By Gucci.
Others in series.

Love Porcelaine.

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