Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Daisy by Marc Jacobs Second Time 'Round

Well to kick off some of the new stuff that's coming up I'm starting with one of my favourites, Daisy by Marc Jacob. Okay, I guess some of you who have looked at my home page have been asking "Isn't Harajuku Lovers the first post since you got back?"... Well that is partly true, but honestly Harajuku Lovers were on my "I did this post already but never got to publish it" list. Now you get to see my lazy side! And now people are going to be saying I did this already. True again, but since I love Daisy by Marc Jacobs so much I'm going to give you an update:

Daisy by Marc Jacob has been going through special edition phases since its popularity. Unfortunately one of the phases, its limited sticker edition, has now passed its time frame. But I have to say that this sticker edition is so deliciousness beautiful with a fresh look; a set of green flowers replacing the white and a set of cute sticker bugs, animals and flowers to decorate the bottle. This is definitely aimed at the young but still makes for a cute but quirky present.

The current available version is a silver coloured bottle. It's a stunning and a more mature look in the stronger Eau De Parfum.

The fragrance is also offered in a solid perfume that can be worn as an accessory and small enough to carry around. It was supposed to be limited edition but I believe is still currently selling. The motif is very appealing.

Daisy by Marc Jacobs is perfect for presents because they continually release more and more different design and perfume based gifts (great for Christmas and Mother's Day by the way). Below are just some of the things you can get.

Gift pack:

Makeup Brush Set:

A mini version with a very cute top:

For the purse:

I love the bag in this:

So if you've just endured some really dodgy over promotion, let me just suggest you buy it already = P.

As always,
Love Porcelaine.

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