Monday, January 18, 2010

1000Hour Heated Eyelash Curler Review

So I'm busting to post a review but it seems like someone borrowed by that was a bit f****d... Anyhow, I'll post this up minus a few piccys!

Update: Have me self my camera now! So the picture have now been placed in my post which show better detail of the curler itself!

I've always had problems with doing my eyelashes. They are short and straight and I don't often come across anything that particularly excites me because my eyelashes are so much of a challenge. Willing to try anything and anything new I'd thought I'd have a go at an eyelash curler for a special occasion. So here is a review for 1000Hour Heated Eyelash Curler.

The Product

The package includes the wand, lid, brush and battery (you don't have to worry about 'Batteries Not Included'!). The curler comes in a form of mascara wand with 'teeth' on one side of the curler. It has a plastic exterior with gaps in the teeth that hold a heating coil (you often see this in hairdryers or heat guns). It has two levels of heat and when closed with the lid turns itself off. It only needs one AAA battery to operate.


First apply mascara as you normally would. Then assemble the heated eyelash curler if you have not already done so. The wand can be pulled into two separate parts with the base to hold the battery. You insert the battery into the compartment; the way to put it in is shown on the wand. Replace the two parts and push the button up onto the first or second setting depending on the thickness of your eyelashes. Use as you would a mascara wand starting at the base, wiggling your eyelashes into the wand. Hold that for a few seconds and slowly brush upwards. Continue to do this until you have achieved the desired curling effect. Cap the lid back on and it will turn off. Use the brush if necessary to remove mascara from the wand.

The Results?

In dot point
  • The 'Automatic turning off with the use of the lid' is a bit of a con. It does not have a fancy LCD screen like a hair straightener with computing parts and in reality the button is just placed so that when it's on, the button is placed up. When you put the lid on it just simply pushes back down as it is in the way of the lid. So If you leave it be, it will still be on.
  • You can only use the curler with mascara. Without mascara the lashes tend to revert back.
  • It is easy to use as you only have to lift your lashes unlike other heated eyelash curlers which are in the form of normal eyelash curlers that find it difficult to reach the inner and outer lashes.
  • It has two heat settings to suit a range of lashes.
  • The price is around $19 which is reasonable if you intend to use it long term.
  • It is suitable to use as an everyday item, I don't find it too dramatic.
  • It does curl my stubborn eyelashes. It doesn't lift a lot and it does go back slightly, but versus my normal curlers and mascaras, it does a whole lot better.
  • Uses a common battery.
  • Easy to store as it's the size and shape of a mascara.
  • The inclusion of the brush suggests that the company knows its product, or at the very least is copying a pretty good curler from another brand =P!
I think this is quite good and affordable. It makes an adequate alternative to other up market brands. Using both mascara and curler will help achieve the desired result. Although they will not replace things like falsies, it's easy to use and will last much longer.

So, would I buy this again?!?!
Well...YES, I WOULD! If I hadn't already bought it. It's a long term product (but if it does break down, I'll tell you), so the question is 'Should you buy it?!'. Yes, you should!

Love Porcelaine.


  1. It seems a tad scary, using heated instruments so close to your eyes ><

  2. @ lil :not at all, it's actually not that hot. and you get 2 settings so you can put it cooler in case you're scared. the plastic covering guides your lashes and protects you from burning yourself

  3. I have this heated eyelash curler, I always forget to use it though :X

    My only problem with it is that I find mine comes undone all the time =/ like the part with the battery won't stay on securely

  4. @SilhouetteScreams: i've never had a problem with it coming undone. perhaps you need to tape it? though if you don't use it that often then i wouldn't keep the battery in it :D

    i don't use it much either, it is a bit time consuming when you're on the run (and that i don't use mascara!)

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