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Review: Medusa's Makeup Part 1 Eye dusts, Eyeshadow

Medusa's Makeup is a mineral makeup company that specialises in bright colours. I've always been on the quest for bright and exciting colours and Medusa was the first one I tried. This review will be split into parts. Enough with the talk, lets get straight to it!

What They Sell

Medusa's Makeup sell bright makeup in loose pigments (which they call eye dusts), pressed eyeshadows, glitter, body powder, foundation, blush, eye primer, glitter primer, eyeliner sealant, lip gloss, brushes, eyeliner, bags, brush cleaner, other Medusa branded gifts, and recently mascara which was not there at the time I purchased.

Images from their website

Their website is bright and eye catching with most of the links on the left side. At the time eye dusts, glitter and eyeshadows came up separately on their own category, not under eyes. The company spends a great deal of effort creating an image for itself. The shopping cart comes up in a new window from paypal which can be confusing for first time users as it updates itself separately and you don't see it happen. Paypal is still a very convenient way to pay for those who don't want to pay directly with their bank accounts.

What I Bought

(Prices in US dollars)
  • Eye dusts in Big Bird, Purple Rain and Wasabe - $6 each
  • Eyeshadow in Electro Red - $9 each
  • Foundation in Geisha with Kabuki Brush - $16
  • Eyeliner sealant - $8
  • Glitter in Abracadabra - $6
  • The Fix - $6
  • The whole lipgloss collection - $45 (special deal)
Since I'm splitting this review into parts I'm going to talk about the eye products first (eyes are always the most fun!).

The Product and Results

I think this is the perfect time to introduce Medusa as at the time I purchased it was one of my starting points and I was overwhelmed with excitement. Now that I have a clear head and been introduced to other companies I think this is the best time to review these products.

The eye dusts: Purple Rain, Wasabe, Big Bird

The eye dusts are very bright and are loose in their plastic containers without sifter. They are filled quite full and are supposed to be 1.5 grams net weight. I like how they have labels on the bottom with the name of the colour, place made, size, and ingredients; and that the top seems to have a pretty heat stamped label with the brand name which you can see the product through.
The ingredients are: Titanium Dioxide, Mica, Iron Oxide.

The Eye Dust Swatches. I edited the colours a bit to show a truer likeness. It was taken with a flash.
  • Big Bird is a bright yellow shimmer but appears to have a touch of gold and slightly metallic.
  • Purple Rain is a shimmery royal purple right in between red and blue.
  • Wasabe is a shimmery grassy green right in between blue and yellow.
Back of eye products clearly labelled

Unfortunately it appears the photos are not completely accurate although I didn't expect it to be perfect. I expected Wasabe to be lighter and bluer like WASABE! (the fact that this colour was what I was attracted to), but it turned out more green than my liking. Generally the pigments were not as bright and deep as the photos but that wasn't much of a problem. They were however much brighter than most other companies I've come across, especially the 'drugstore' brands. Applying it was like a dream, smooth and velvety, easy blending and holds strong colour so it's definitely not pure mica. I personally find it absurd that they do not include sifters and in fact you have to buy sifters (6 for $3).

Eyeshadow with flash

The eyeshadow are meant to be bright pressed matte colours with "micro sparkles" in them. I bought this before their new reformulation. They come to 2 gram net weight in plastic flip top containers with a clear insert on the lid.
The ingredients are: Talc,Laureth-4, Sorbitan, sesquiolests, Lanolin oil, Isopropyl Palmitrate, Calcium Silicate, Sodium Dehyroacetats, Trisodium EDTA, Tocopharyl Acatate, Methylparaben,Propylparaben, Ethylparaben. [+/-(may contain):Calcium Sodium Borosilicata, Mica, Titanim Oxide, Iron Oxides.
What a mouthful! I'm not quite sure what parabens are meant to mean in the beauty and health world, I hear they are supposed to be a bad thing (could cause breast cancer, gives you more estrogen, etc). So what could this mean to you really depends on your opinion of the health risks these chemicals may pose to you.

This shows the flip top container
  • Electro red is basically a fire engine red with gold sparks that appear to be glitter...and that's the only one I bought since it was $9.
Okay, so I was a little unimpressed with the size. It's tiny!, and that was totally my first impression. The pigmentation is great but takes a bit of rubbing and scraping with the brush to get it on and needs to build up on the eye. The sparkles also seem to be an issue, it doesn't come up as much as I'd want it to but on the whole the eyeshadow is a great product. Recently Medusa was selling these at half price. At the time I didn't notice any mention of the products being reformulated. If this is the case, the customers might not have known that the clearance was due to the previous version of the product line being inferior to the current one.

Swatches with flash and without flash

There is a bit of concern of whether this has been repackaged. Some things have raised a few eyebrows such as:
  • The colours are flat, they don't have any other colours in it or other sparkles/shimmer. This indicates a lack of originality. It seems some of the colours are blended but it's not clear if all of them are. There is added base, I think, for adhesion.
  • Some look like Pop colours, especially with the colours I used.
  • One of the pictures I noticed are "shared" with another site, although I cannot confirm who this picture belongs to.
  • There has also been reports of products that match other sites (I'll list the links at the end and you can decide for yourself).
Would I buy these products again?

I'm a bit wary of the repackaging fuss and after reviewing them I'm close to saying that the products I chose were repackaged. As the product itself, it's great stuff. The prices are reasonable, it beats 'drugstore' prices but are around the same for indie companies. For a while I did think I would purchase again but because I cannot rule out that the colours are repackaged I will probably not buy the eye dusts and eyeshadow (unless heavily on sale).

Finally I've done one! Look out for part 2 and 3, and the combined post!

Love, Porcelaine.

P.S. These are the photos I was talking about. I don't want to put it up straight here so that you can decide for yourselves.

Notice the 'eye' pictures...


  1. I first thought Medusa's Makeup was weird when I realized how the website pictures were totally different from the swatches I saw on youtube. Then when I found out they were more than likely repackaging from a private label company, I was really bummed. This is why I only order from places where I can get samples...

  2. @ Heather: I bought them as my first mineral makeup products, and at the time I was so excited with all the colours and the price and just had to buy it when they had a sale for all the lipglosses! but since then, i've tried a lot more, and experienced the difference between products, so based on my knowledge now, i won't be buying the eye products. and lucky i only bought a few. but for the other products you'll see what i think in the 2 more posts i'm writing!


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