Sunday, January 3, 2010

Scholl Party Feet Series Review

Nearly everyone has an issue with their heels and other sorts of shoes. A foot bigger than another, heels that scratch and cause blisters, standing on the balls of your feet way longer than you should due to drinking a few. And always we dream of remedies to fix our woes. Scholl's Party feet CLAIMS to be the answer to our problems and we are only to happy to be enticed by this sort of miracle. I put it to the test and see if Party Feet does at all live to our expectations:

The Product

All three of the above products involves a gel base of some sort, I suspect made of silicone, with a sticky backing to adhere to the shoe. This supposedly gives you a cushion-y support as comfort, a soft smooth protection to areas of your feet, and a non slip surface to keep your feet to your shoes. They claim to be reusable and washable.


For each of the products you simply peel off the plastic backing and insert to the area necessary, or purpose of the product. Stick your foot in and Voila, you've got yourself comfy feet, right?! ...well, I wouldn't be so sure.

The Results?

Well I'd have to say I'm pretty disappointed.
The packaging is nice. Theoretically the application is simple. But it is not effective! Non of the other touches have any point in being there.

Let's put this in dot point:
  • Pricing is from $10-$20 which is quite expensive
  • The packaging is clean and simple
  • There is a different product for each application which is good, but the price is not affordable.
  • Application works in theory but the tackiness easily wears away, will not stay! You cannot fit you're foot in because of the thickness or that it is not sticky enough to hold its position.
  • The gel cushions are the only thing that may be worth buying but you can only put this in a strappy open shoe because of its thickness.
  • They do have a thinner version, but this is negligent when a closed heel is already a tight fit.
  • It's reusability and washability is negligent as well, since if the tackiness comes off on the very fact of putting it on in the first place, it will never be sticky enough to work again and the tackiness will continue to go down from the minute you take it out.
But the thing that matters most for me is first and foremost that the product works, or at least does what it claims to do! Which it doesn't

So, would I buy this again?!?!
Simply NO, NEVER AGAIN! Please slap me if I ever do! Sorry to break it to you, but the only way you're going to be able to wear heels is to do so holding your breathe with the pain or not at all.

Small tip here:
1. If your shoes slip, sew a piece of elastic a similar colour to your shoes in a tight ring and slip it over in the gap between the heel and base of your shoe which will keep your shoes on your feet.
2. A bit of a tight fit? Put a small amount of baby powder to your toes and lower feet. This will make your feet a bit slippery in your shoes and feel comfier.

Love Porcelaine.

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