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Sunday Shopping Candy 20 Dec 09

I've decided to include in my blog, posts on shopping purchases I have made. You may find out that I'm quite a shopaholic and a whole list might accumulate! Have fun with this shopping eye candy!

So Sunday I went out to the city with a very good friend of mine who I dearly love. I find it extremely funny that our personalities should clash but perhaps opposites attract. I rarely go to the city, the public transport is a bit unbearable and unreliable. Perhaps I was a bit influenced by my friend. I ended up buying heaps of books and at the same time draining my funds!

The trip started with walking towards a scone cafe peering at various shops and market stall along the way. After having one of the best scones and coffee in my life, thanks to my friend's useful knowledge of eateries we explored some more of the market and went on our way stopping by various book stores, curiousities and all the cupcakes and desserts in the window.

We went to Dymocks, the first of the book stores that I had bought from. My friend had some Christmas shopping in mind.

I headed straight for 'A History Of Scotland' Cd. I had listened to the samples of the tracks but had no idea if it would be any good in real life. I contemplated for a while, picking it up and putting it back, worrying about the price. I left it and walked on and around the store.

I caught up with my friend and she was looking at the puffin classics. I loved those books but never dared buy one. I don't often buy books because I haven't had the time lately and growing older, the speed at which I read has slowed down considerably. I just smile at the times I used to read books in an hour or two.

My friend had a book in her hand: 'The Lucky Country'. It had made perfect sense to her as a Christmas present for her mother as it was 30 years since arriving in Australia, a sort of anniversary. She read some excerpts and I was immediately hooked. I was very interested in this thought provoking piece of writing.

I also picked up any other books which names caught my attention. 'How I Live Now' caught my eye and the blurb caught even more interests when I read the character's name. Friend knows why I liked it besides the title.

And 'Perfume: a story of a murderer'. I actually didn't realise it was the one on the film since the spine of the book only had 'Perfume' as the title. When I pulled it out the cover revealed itself, and I was somewhat surprised although I was aware of this story before. I was already previously interested because of the release of the film (I do have a bit of a macabre mind).

I pulled out all three of the books and decided to buy the 'A History of Scotland' Cd after all.

As we continued walking another Dymocks store popped up. I was quite unimpressed by the multiple of stores, especially McDonalds, and complained to my friend.

We went to Kinokuniya next. I love Kinokuniya, it's a great store with a very good range of books and magazines. They are constantly busy though which throws quiet peaceful reading out the window. Doesn't everyone love huddling in a corner of a store with a pile of books next to them? I know my favourite place in that store, and that's between the fashion books and magazines of the Gothic and Lolita books. I looked for both versions of Gothic and Lolita and decided to buy one Western version and two Japanese version. Unfortunately the Japanese versions serve only as eye candy but I got the two latests that were in stock in the store. It was overpriced but I thought that I rarely go to the city and might as well buy them. It was a good mix of Summer and Winter.

Here are the approximate prices:
'A History of Scotland' Cd $30
The 3 puffin books $10 each
The 3 Gothic and Lolita books around $30 each

So what does that amount to? $150...Oh My God. I need to go to Shopaholics Anonymous. (plus the morning tea and lunch, deary me!)

Thanks for reading and again,
Love Porcelaine.

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