Monday, February 22, 2010

Lucas Pawpaw Ointment Review

Lucas Pawpaw Ointment is a sort of moisturiser that had almost become a craze in the last few years. Everywhere, someone would be pulling out red tubes from their bags and putting it on obsessively at any chance they get. I bought this about a year ago when passing Priceline's storefront with a stand of red tubes and containers on sale. Here I'll explain what I think about this product.

The Product

Picture shows front and back of product (there are no real ingredients listed but it has a list of uses).

Lucas Pawpaw Ointment is a creamy textured substance of an oily consistency made of fermented pawpaw. It is meant to be used as a moisturiser and is 'multi purpose' - it can be used basically anywhere on the body. The ointment comes in two forms; a tube with a screw cap and a large pot with a screw cap. The tube cost something like $2 and the pot at around $8.


This is the tube opening. Not very fancy, just a simple hole...

Simply unscrew the lid and squeeze the tube. The tube is preferred to give a controlled amount of product. Apply anywhere on the body, most suitable for particularly dry areas of skin and on the lips. On the skin you may need to rub it in for half a minute to help absorption, and applying before bed and covering the area is an easy way to get good results the next morning. With the pot, it is better for using on large areas but is bit unhygienic as you have to dip your hand in.

The consistency and colour is shown in this image.

The Results?

Well I need to get this straight! This is just like petroleum jelly AKA Vaseline. It might be made of different ingredients but it acts exactly the same (there isn't a full list of ingredients which is concerning) - that it moisturises and protects. It is better than Vaseline in that it doesn't have a strong smell and it isn't a petrol by product...but other than that it's nothing special. It is NOT a sophisticated moisturiser, it sits on top of your skin, is very, VERY slow to absorb and can be uncomfortable to wear because of this. It is good for all the uses that Vaseline is used: moisturising, lip gloss, lip gloss base, overnight cream, to soften skin; and it's a similar price.

Between Vaseline and Lucas Pawpaw Ointment, Lucas Pawpaw Ointment wins by a small margin.
But between Lucas Pawpaw Ointment and other moisturises and lip products, it's not a winner.

So, would I buy this again?

Short answer, NO! I can see it as a replacement for vaseline and used before I go to bed for my lips and feet as well as being cheap but I wouldn't go crazy for it, neither would it satisfy a lot of skin needs that need particular types of moisturisers.

Sorry I haven't been on in ages but I've been busy (yes, the usual excuse).

Love, Porcelaine.


  1. From their website, it seems like it would be good in place of Neosporin. (Anti-bacterial cream in petroleum jelly base.)

    Nice review!

  2. Thanks! i'm going to write another review soon about hand shield. i think it's way better than this product but it's not a moisturiser.

    I just didn't really like the way it just sits on your skin and I would of thought other products could do the same or a better job. I'll definitely keep using it though until i run out, but for me it's not a wonder drug that i'd go crazy about. if you ever try it then do tell me :D

  3. so it can be used as face mosturiser ? cos i have atopic dermatitis and eczema and i'm looking for a good face mosturiser . i currently use vaseline , but paw paw used to be a miracle worker for me when i had flare ups and shit like that. but i didn't use it as mosturiser , just for little patches . i'm 13 , pale and dry skinned if that helps .
    please and thank you , x

  4. @ Anon: In my opinion I would not use it for your whole face considering that it will clog your pores. It is basically a vaseline base i.e. petroleum jelly which is an oil product. As you are 13 the oil might bring out breakouts for sensitive and hormonal adolescent skin. My advice is that if you have used it in the past and it worked then you might be able to use it on your skin as a moisturiser but if you get breakouts don't use it. Facial products are mainly trial and error but it would normally suit you better to use a lighter product on your face. Other dry areas such as legs and arms may be fine to use on. Have a go anyway but definitely discontinue use if you are getting breakouts on your face. Good luck!

  5. @ Anon: I should also add that it does give an oily sheen so you have to apply it thinly. If you get a good outcome it might outweigh the oily appearance. The pawpaw ointment is cheap so I think you should at least try it since you have a skin condition and that pawpaw has worked in the past :)

  6. okay , thank you very much for your help . i was also wondering if you could recommend any good face mosturisers ?
    i currently use aveeno baby mosturiser every morning and then SPF 30+ cancer council sunscreen afterward cos i burn easily . after my nightly shower , i apply vaseline on my face and aveeno on the insides of my elbows and knees . i wash my face every morning and night using cetaphil , and then use dermaid on any small patches of eczema or dry skin .
    i'm now looking for something to use while i sleep so my face stays mosturised . i don't want to use aveeno or vaseline again cos i'm afraid that my skin might start to adjust to these products and they won't function anymore . any suggestions ? it would be greatly appreciated .
    please and thank you , x

  7. @ Anon: As you probably know moisturisers are very subjective preferences so everyone has their own fit. I'm not sure how much your eczema affects your skin for your age. It sounds like it's quite dry unlike most teenagers' skin which is usually oily. In general you'll have to shop around but what I suggest as a starting point is Lancome skin products. They have a range of moisturisers and cleansers starting from adolescent skin (aqua fusion range), and steps up to 20's, 40's 50+, etc. The main difference is that the aqua range is non oily recommended for oily skin and then the other ranges change in oiliness and graduate to higher moisturisation. So for you I would probably use primordial or renegie as a starting point. Older skin usually needs more hydration and are an oilier formula. They are great because they often have coupons for samples and even without coupons if you go up to the counter and ask them about it I'm sure they'll give you some samples. Sign up to their email services and you might not have to buy their products, or at least too often because it is pricey. I would send you some of mine but that's probably not financial viable especially if you're from overseas.

    Again I think experimentation is best. You might be able to switch between different Lancome products and your Aveeno moisturiser but if it's not working out then try something else, ask for samples and so on.

    If you have the normal 'teenage skin' which is oily then Clean and Clear are affordable and their oil free formulas are a good choice for gentle hydration (but not suitable for very dry skin).

    If you find any of these products good let me know you've suceeded :D!

  8. Also Dermaid is great. Let it settle into your skin 15 mins before moisturiser and then you'll be able to see how much more moisturising you need.

  9. You're right. It really just sits on the skin and acts pretty much like Vaseline. I wouldn't use it as a moisturiser, unless desperate and stuck with nothing else. For me, it's mostly for emergencies like burns and scalds. :)

  10. @ Witoxicity: Definitely serves as an emergency aid but I don't know why everyone was crazy about it a couple years back. I actually never saw this product before 'the craze' even though I'm Aussie!


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