Monday, February 1, 2010

A Milestone...

I'd just like to say that I have 10 followers now which you could sort of say is a milestone. Hopefully I'll be seeing more followers and of course if you have blogs yourself I'll come and sneak around ;). Thank you for making this all worth it!

I'd also like to say that I may consider giveaways in the future and hopefully a friend of mine will join me in my blogging (honestly I haven't asked her yet. I've asked her before and she said yes but it just didn't happen), we'll see how it goes.

Love Porcelaine.


  1. Congrats sweetie! It's always exciting to get new followers! I hope that you do put up some giveaways! They attract a lot of followers well! LOL

  2. @ Y: thanks! I think maybe when I get to 30 to 50 it might be a good idea. I don't want the whole giveaway to flop and have no one enter, haha.

    I realised I have 13 now so hopefully not long now.


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