Thursday, March 4, 2010

Aromaleigh Lippies!

Aromaleigh will be discontinuing their lip products to focus their creative energies on all their other products. It is quite sad because not many indie companies or mineral makeup companies make lip products.
I've bought mine and with their discount code HONEY20 you can get 20% off!

Who knows if they'll bring them back, they've had so many changes since they started and a lot of their products have come and went but I hope the rest of their products will become bigger and better with better intensity and complexity!

I also should really do a review so you know what I think!

Love, Porcelaine.


  1. Just when I decided that their delicate vanilla bean balm is the only vanilla scent I have ever liked... T_T

  2. @ Heather: maybe you should hoard some if you really like them. She could be bringing them back in the future because she's trying to destress and later she might be well enough to go back to doing lip products.

    if you don't buy too much the shipping won't be that bad either. i tried to keep my purchase under $40 to save $6.50. and i'm supposing you're in the US so the shipping is quite good on your end of the scale. and 3 eye samples are a bonus as well!

    i bought blood orange, pink grapefruit and yuzu. i've never tried any of the lip products so this will be my time to try!


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