Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Hand Shield Review

I first heard of Hand Shield from my friend. She had peeling skin and tried this to protect her skin. I'm not sure how well it worked for her, but it certainly ignited interest in me. Then my mother started complaining about her hands getting stained while gardening, a TV advertising popped up, Today Tonight featured it, and it got to a point where I decided to try this thing out. Could this be holy grail product?

The large tube size
What I Bought
Hand Shield comes in 3 sizes as far as I'm aware of. There is a small travel size perfect for the hand bag with a screw top lid and a container that you squeeze, and what I bought to test this product out (I think a few dollars), another which was a bigger version of the travel size probably 3 times the size, and the biggest was a very large pump style just like soap pump containers (I think around $20). You can find these in pharmacies.

The Product and Results
In short Hand Shield is like "Liquid Gloves". It is a natural cream that is supposed to last 4 hours without reapplying, protects against 100's of skin irritants, allows skin to breathe, and moisturises the skin. It says that you can use it to protect again tar, paint, resin, powder, grease, etc.

The instructions say to clean and dry hands, apply hand shield, leave 2-3 minutes to allow the lotion to be absorbed into the skin.
Large Pump style
Observations? Well this could well be a holy grail product. Using my mum as a guinea pig she tested this on her hands before she went out gardening. After coming back and washing her hands, and using this a few more time, she noticed that there was MUCH LESS stains on her hands. It worked! My mum also tried this on her heels and found that her heels became softened. The only thing that didn't work was when my mum used it before using hair colour. In the commercial it pictured a woman using hair colour and washing her hands away of the chemicals, which could indicate that it does not work on this purpose or for every hair colour so I wouldn't suggest using this for strong chemical products. The cream absorbs very well into the skin, it doesn't just float on top which is great.

One thing that we did notice was that the travel form seemed to smell less than the pump formula. I don't know if that was just us or if it was indeed a different formula.

Would I buy these products again?
Yes! Overall the product does what it says, and although this is no substitute for gloves itself, it's great to put on anyway just to protect yourself for everyday activities.

Love, Porcelaine.

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