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Aromaleigh Review #1

(I may add swatches in the future)
Aromaleigh gained my curiosity while exploring colourful mineral makeup and when they were sponsoring Emilie Autumn it grew to the point where I just had to try it.

What They Sell

Eyeshadow pigments have been their specialty with most of their eye products made with a creative formula. They also make foundation, blushers, face powders, primers and other items that are not made by them like eyeliners, foundation primers, brushes and lipliners. They previously sold their own lip products and raw pigments but have since discontinued them.

They have now got a rewards system. Unfortunately at the time it was not set up yet, so I couldn't redeem any points from past purchases.

What I Bought

(Prices in US dollars)
  • Les Papillons Limited Edition eyeshadow samples - $.75 each on sale
  • Voile Mineral Foundation sample - $2 each
  • Glissade Mineral Foundation sample - $2 each
  • Pure cover concealer Sample - $2 each
  • Drama Queen Eyeliner eyeshadows sample - $1 each
  • Rocks! Sonic Glam glitter full size - $3.94 on sale 25 % off
  • Pure Hues sample - $.50 each on sale
  • Rocks! Sonic Eyeshadows sample - $.50 on sale
  • Nocture Night Time Mineral Treatment Sample - $2.25 each
All the eyeshadow samples are $1 each but they have sales on most of the time.
I won't be reviewing the foundation, concealer and mineral treatment since I don't think I can give a fair and thorough review yet.

The Product and Results

Firstly I should say that at the time I was a first time customer and could redeem $5 off, so that was a good incentive (and I wish they did more!).

For the Les Papillons Limited Edition eyeshadow samples I bought the colours:

  • Flying Flower
  • Glowing Luna
  • Dormant Dream
  • Ephemeral Violet
  • Flutura's Cloud
  • Spread You Wings
  • Soul Takes Flight
  • Emergent Beauty
  • Flutter-By
  • Vigil Of Change
  • Crimson Mimicry
These colours are very tame. They are not intense but it is generally expected since the collection does focus on soft light textures. What I don't like is that the sparkles fly away very easily and don't go on strong enough to the colour in the bag without the help of a base. The adhesion is not good but it blends easily and the colours look pretty with a base. Overall this collection is very creative, colours are great but the product still needs a little tweaking.

Drama Queen Eyeliner eyeshadows sample in the colour:
  • Drama Queen Red
The colours look like a black matte base with added red shimmer but are supposed to have sparks in them which I can't really see. As an eyeliner colour it works well. The only thing is that you have to mix in an eyeliner sealant or water to function as an eyeliner. I wouldn't particularly use this for eyeshadow but it is still possible to use it like that. An eyeliner is an eyeliner (if you get what I mean) so overall it is a satisfactory product but adding the eyeliner sealant for a discount might of been nice and logical.

Rocks! Sonic Glam Glitter full size in the colour:
  • redshadows
This is a product that I'm definitely in love with. The glitter adheres well for a glitter, even over eyeliner! The colour is very accurate (which is most important to me). The price was brilliant, and even so full priced. The product works! It is very fine and eye safe. The only thing I'm not happy with is the size, and that issue runs through all of the eye products that Aromaleigh sells - it was definitely smaller than what I would of liked, but I'm very happy that they included a sifter and a sticker to seal (it's very annoying opening jars without sifters especially when packed full and even more so when the lid is not put on tightly).

Pure Hues samples in colours:
  • Peacoat
  • Delicate Burgundy
I can't say much about the quality of the product itself because they are not made by Aromaleigh. At the time I bought these I didn't know, or didn't realise that they were just pure mica. Anyway, the colours are clear and bright and they work well with a base. They have no trouble building opacity, but they don't have any base in them to make them adhere so you need something under them to last the day. These are great for its natural state as well as for mixing your own colours. I think the pure micas have the best striking and clear colours than any of the other products, which is quite extraordinary.

Rocks! Sonic Eyeshadows sample in colours (I'd love to get full sizes of all the colours!):
  • shadowplay
(Speaking as I've tried many, many, many samples on my second order) The Rocks! collection are meant to be intense with colour. They incorporate part natural and part synthetic. These colours are definitely creative, but not as complex as other collections. Some are matte and some shimmery which I love. Sparkles used are very intense and prominent but still have a problem staying on without a base and the colours could have been VERY intense with better adhesion properties - that means you definitely need a base to work with these to get to their true potential and you do have pack the brush with pigment (beware of fallout). The range is stunning! With 80 or so colours. In regards to the colour Shadowplay - a black base with aqua sparks; it is quite black and not as shimmery in the sample bag but the full size looks so much better. There is one thing, I bought these before they decided to reformulate so I have yet to encounter the anticipated improvement (and, well, I'm out of cash so it may be a while before I can tell you) and love to review them again.

Sample bags aren't always the best way to try out a colour as the colours usually become diminished. Having said that, sample bags are now a widespread practice used to TRY a colour (and yes, it does defeat it's purpose by not showing true colours). If one were going to use the sample bags all over their eyes, above and below and with intensity then I would expect 3 good uses out of the sample bags (or 2 with space for stuff ups =P) for 1/16 teaspoon.

The jars are labelled well, with ingredients, names, collection, size, place made, website, company, etc. The sample bags only have collection names and colour names most of the time. I am still annoyed at the way the colours are displayed in the pictures on their site - they are definitely more vibrant in the photos than in real life; but colour descriptions are very accurate and most of the time spot on.

Shipping: Has always arrived at the stated time frame which is important as an international customer. I have noticed something that doesn't quite make sense in terms of pricing. That is that under $40 for regular orders is $5 but over $75 is $12.50. It would not make sense to me to order 1 full order up to $80, rather than 2 separate orders up to $40 each where it would cost $2.50 more for shipping...and 3 free samples each order adds to the illogic, not that you should be doing this just for samples of course. It might be a suggestion to separate your orders over a few days where you could save on shipping, and allow time to 'cool off' before impulse buying. Pricing is still very reasonable.
Everything is packed well and securely, with receipt.

Would I buy these products again?
I have to say that the thing that caught my attention is the beauty and complexity shown in their pictures. The colours are not as vibrant or seem as complex when you receive the real thing and in my experience sample bags usually diminish the colour and the shimmer and sparkles fly off or get stuck to the sides of the bag which made the colour turn out worse. Despite this, Aromaleigh's colours are still very unique and creative compared to other companies and the prices are still comparable. You have to keep in mind that the colours and complexity on your screen will differ from what you will get and that you will need a good primer or base to help adhesion and colour but Yes, I would buy from Aromaleigh again.

Love, Porcelaine.


  1. I have lots of eyeshadows from AL. I now use them with a primer, but I remember having good results using it mixed with water when I didn't...
    Still, yeah! I totally feel the same about sample bags! Sometimes the glitter stick to the bag and just won't let it go!!

    Can't wait to see how you feel about Haus of Gloi! I was a bit sad I didn't love it as much as I thought I would....

  2. @ Cacau: I was a bit disappointed in AL since I heard so much 'hype', i guess. I know they have complexity but i don't agree with a lot of people who say that they adhere well, because i could tell the sparkles all but disappeared and the colours weren't as good as it looks on the internet. they still have a level of complexity that is better than some companies but you can only really enjoy some of it buying full size AND using a base.

    still trying to find companies that apply well. fyrinnae is definitely up there, and i find straight mica goes on well too, which is quite funny!


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