Saturday, June 26, 2010

My Shop: Minä I, Classic Pearl Bracelet

Minä I, Classic Pearl Bracelet


It opens and closes with a silver lobster clasp. Full length is 21 cm (8.3 inches), the main part of the bracelet measures 18 cm, with 1.5 cm as extension. It costs $30 USD.

It can also be made to a specified size which will take an extra week to make.

Shipping within Australia is $3 USD taking 1-2 weeks, New Zealand $5 USD, and $12 USD for the rest of the world taking 2-3 weeks (times subject to your local post offices).

If you wish to buy this bracelet or a custom size click here or feel free to email me at gardenofshadowsstore(at)gmail(dot)com .

At the moment I am unable to sell on Etsy but I plan to do so in the future.

Love, Porcelaine.


  1. This is lovely! I can't wait to see what's next :)

  2. @ jade carver: thank you. i'll try and post more soon. i just need some supplies to keep this going!


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