Monday, June 28, 2010

Random Self Conversing #4

I'm doing this quickly before the last but I have a lot to say :P

Minä I, Classic Pearl Bracelet
  1. Posted a bracelet for sale! Please look, you might like them =D
  2. You might have seen the message at the top of my page. I'll be reviewing the well talked about Haus of Gloi.
  3. Morgana Minerals review coming up!
  4. Fyrinnae to be reviewed in 2 parts, a special post for Pixie Epoxy (which is almost finished minus pics)!
  5. Need to complete my last part of the Medusa Makeup and it's going to be different to what you think I might say.
  6. Posted Shop Policy. Find that at the top of the page.
If anyone spreads the word about my site or show your friends with the stuff I have for sale I'd appreciate it very VERY much!


  1. Just wanted to draw upon your makeup expertise: what does brown eyeliner do for the eyes?

  2. @ lil: well generally it's a gentler look for the eyes. more natural. i don't wear brown much for anything because i love colour, but if you want something natural then brown's your colour. though if your eyes are pretty dark then black or dark brown might suit and help pop your eyes more.
    you're the second person to ask me that today! what a coincidence!

  3. What do you think of using real pearls? (, rice pearls are my favorites Sometimes they sell crapola too :S, you have to make sure you're getting the good stuff. I have ordered some of their strands and they have made necklaces for me :)
    And I never make an order without ordering these:

  4. i don't use real pearls often because they don't always come uniform in size and the variety is also limited. getting the right colours is difficult too because sometimes they are not uniform or they rub off easily as they are sort of dyed rather than actually of those colours (especially exotic colours). and also they push up the price of the item, which i would like to make them somewhat affordable. but i am thinking of switching to swarovski pearls, but that will depend if my items sell or not because I don't have that much money to spare!

    those earrings are nice though! too bad i don't have pierced ears!

    thanks for your comment!


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