Monday, September 6, 2010

Random Self Conversing #5

This is a really uninteresting update post (about not posting and giveaways)!

  1. I apologise for not being here! My laptop decided to conveniently have a heart attack (bless her poor soul = P). At the moment I'm on another laptop with a tiny keyboard and mouse, and none of my data. So the inconvenience at an inconvenient time makes for no posting! I'll be posting a little more regularly when I sort out the computer problems (which I have to figure out what to do =( ...) but meanwhile there wont be any reviews posting that I mentioned, until it's sorted.  Forget that (I wrote the above a while ago). This is like an on again off again relationship! But anyway, my computer revived itself and I found out that it sometimes wouldn't agree to starting. I won't be back though for at least a month but I am organising a giveaway (see below). I am so slack, and I am sincerely sorry about it!
  2. You may have noticed that my blog layout has changed. I hope this will make reading my blog easier, since the background is less distracting. It's a much cleaner look and the text is soo much easier to read.
  3. I recently posted my "Early New Years Resolution". And I promised to add more things as I get new ideas. Well I will be posting another post since it's a good moral booster. You should try this too!
  4. Okay, I'm seriously thinking of holding a Christmas giveaway. It might sound early a bit over mid year but I'm wondering what sort of things you would like to see in there? A gift certificate will be popped in too when I start regularly listing items. It would be nice to get a "surprise" Christmas present, wouldn't it?
  5. What would you like to see me review? I'd love to try Evil Shades lipstick, Shiro eyeshadows, Epic soap products, but money wise I'll have to think about it.
  6. I just received my Meow order who Cacau subconsciously made me buy =P.  I'm in the process of getting all my reviews together but I might post them a month or two down the track. Sounds slack, I know, but there is method in my madness!
Love Porcelaine.


  1. Yay for Meooooow! What did you get?
    Hm... I think perhaps evil shades lipsticks? I think lip products are always fun!
    (I just made a High Voltage order to get some lip candies from them!)
    About the giveaway... hm... you could select a few products of your favorite brands? That's what I did with the contest! Virtue Natural is my favorite skin-care, SoBe... I think she makes some soft and very girly shades, which are unique (but I confess what I like most about SoBe is their deodorant ^^') and Fyrinnae has the most amazing e/s I've seen in my life! *o*

    :) so pick your favorites and make a giveaway!

  2. i got mainly foundation and a few eyeshadows. i love the foundations! i just only wish i ordered full coverage so i think i will at the end of the year. i will be doing a review too when i am back.

    i really want to try all evil's lip products. i think at the end of the year i'll treat myself to a few things. it's christmas anyway! but i'll probably get a sample pack of eyeshadows from shiro....maybe epic soap, i'm not sure. but i'm trying to cast my net wide and not spend like $80 like i did with haus of gloi :S

    The giveaway will probably have some she space and elf. i kind of mixed up a lot of my products so i'm not sure which i haven't tried and which i have! and i don't want someone to get something that i dipped my fingers into. i may have to do some shopping to solve that! i definitely love fyrinnae and i would love to try sobe's lip products. i will try to pick my favourites but i hope i buy them on time to include it. but that's a great idea for a second giveaway which i can totally prepare for. thanks cacau!


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