Friday, October 22, 2010

Lilac Fleur Flower Comb (limited quantities)

This is an elegant hair comb made with a focal lilac, purple blue wispy bloom with central yellow stamens nestled in a green glow and peeps of green leaves on the underside.
It is a simple way to dress up your hair do and would look very nice over a partial ponytail. Just gather the hair on the top part of your head and tie an elastic, then just push the comb above the elastic.

This would suit for a special day or for everyday wear.

I am not sure how many of these combs I will make with this specific kind of flower and colour so it's a good idea to buy it now in case I never sell them again.

Find them here or email me.


  1. @prettybottles: thank you. i will be having more like them.

  2. I rarely use acessories, but the flowers look pretty! It reminds me of a girl from my college! She always has flowers in her hair!

  3. @ Cacau: well i guess you like gothic stuff right? well i have some ideas of gothic inspired things. i will try to post them up! i haven't had the opportunity to go out but i should try and wear some flowers! oh, and there will be a dark red flower comb that you might like?


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