Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Review: Haus Of Gloi

The internet has been swirling with Haus of Gloi recommendations, and yeah, I had to fall for it too. So I made a huge order (in my opinion :P), and have decided to review their products!

What they sell
Haus of Gloi sell perfumes, scrubs, bathing dust, lotions, soaps on Etsy. They have samples on most items except for soaps, and have multiple sizes for some products. They are also vegan. All items are handmade and they have a main line of items and limited edition seasonal items.

(Sorry, not all in the picture)
What I bought
(prices in US dollar)
  • Elevenses soap $5.50
  • Absinthe soap $5.50
  • Maedwe soap  $6.50
  • Satyr soap  $5.50
  • Lassi lotion 6 oz $9.00
  • Picaroon lotion 2 oz $3.50
  • Imp lotion 2 oz $3.50
  • Erzebet perfume sample $3.00
  • Subtotal $42
  • Shipping $22 - $2 = $20
The Products and Results
For the soaps:
  • I smelt Maedwe and thought I would like it because it's floral. When I used it it lacked complexity and ended up smelling like a generic soap. Floral, but without depth. I felt that it wasn't strong enough too.
  • Elevenses was quite spicy, I suspect from the black tea scent. A little overwhelming because the smell was not what I expected and I could not smell any of the orange or almond which was what I was looking forward to! I have to say that it was still very soapy and would have liked those 'minor' scents to be stronger.
  • Lavender automatically made me go off because I hate the smell of lavender. But I tried it anyway and was impressed that the scent was not too overwhelming (it would normally make me feel sick). It left a scent after that would linger somewhat afterwards.
With all of the soaps, what I didn't like is that the soap starts "melting" in the shower. It gets soft and gooey when exposed to any moisture (it started getting sticky in my bedroom). If used everyday, this might not be a problem. So if you don't, you might want to have a container to put it in. What I resorted to was slicing the soap so I could use it up adequately. Try and get the smallest surface area as possible i.e. a cube is great.
The soaps give a finish on your skin of the squeaky clean feel. Like when you wipe glass. And it may be very drying for people with dry skin (moisturise after), though it is great to get clean and get rid of oil on your skin. They are also pretty so if you are looking for a luxe gift, this is it.

The lotions were another product that I wasn't too happy about. Again the fragrances didn't have much depth and I couldn't distinguish all the scents separately. It's very thin and liquid-y which makes it easy to spread and leaves a slightly greasy feel. One of the biggest problems that I hated was the overwhelming smell that it leaves. It's STRONG! Way too much and very sickening. Every scent had the same problem. One of the jars had NO label on it too!
The perfume was a little overpriced for a small vial. The scent was pleasing, had medium to high complexity, strongly scented at first (you only need to apply VERY little) and breaks down into different scents (I personally don't like this particular scent but that's just me). The quality is great and it is long lasting and the applicator was okay to use considering it was a sample. This is the standout product. If you were to buy one thing this would be it.

Most items were labelled with all the appropriate details and in a pretty themed look but were clear to read, however as mentioned, the imp lotion jar was not labelled.
The prices were a little more than I would like to pay with all the items, especially when I wasn't happy with the products anyway. Soaps had no samples!!!! It's probably the most disappointing thing, so trying a variety of scents would not be possible when the prices add up. With the smaller sizes sold out I had to pay more than I would of liked for the lotions (should have multiple listings). I wouldn't expect to wait for it to be relisted and get the order just right, which was disappointing.

Etsy is a pretty no fuss ordering process which would be very familiar to a lot of people, which is a great plus. They now have a website which will hopefully solve some of the listing problems.

Postage had me a little irate. I think the costs were a bit excessive (50% of the product value), although the package did weigh a lot. But the existing costs of the items were pretty high already and that just added to the prices.
On top of that, they only put one sample of soap in. I think it makes sense to pop a few in so that the customer might find a scent they do like and buy it, and because you can't buy soap samples anyway. So 1 sample is slightly insulting compared to the amount you buy.

Would I buy these products again?
I really want to try to like these but unfortunately it wasn't so. If I could try all the other types, I might be a little more happier if I found a scent that was compatible (I'm very curious to know). The perfumes I am enticed to buy but for the other items I tried I probably would not buy from Haus of Gloi for myself again.

Love, Porcelaine.


  1. Yeah, I liked some of their products and scents but I did not love it either! ^^'

  2. @ yeah, it was so disappointing and they were realy pricey! i didn't expect that for the money especially considering i had heard heaps of great reviews for a lot of other people.

  3. I've heard of this brand but never bothered to read any reviews about the products until now. Great review, btw. Thanks! It's a pity about the soaps and lotions and their lack of samples. I mean, you DID buy a lot from them!

  4. @ Witoxicity: i'm kind of surprised by all the attention Haus of Gloi has received. They are good at some things but i think there has been a general hype around cold process soap products. I don't think the prices match the worth of the item too. thanks for entering my giveaway :)

  5. what is "bathing dust"? it's not on the website, either...

  6. @ denelian: Bathing dust seem to be a limited edition item only. it's mainly a salt mix to be added to a bath for fragrance and I suppose it might be healthy for your skin. I've never bothered to try this stuff as I usually have showers.

  7. oh. that's less exciting than i hoped for.

    i'm disabled, you see, and mostly have to take sponge baths now, because i can't get *IN* to our tub for a shower or bath, without help. i have "medical soap", and its good soap, but it's.. medical. isn't pretty, i mean :)

    if you run across something while you're reviewing, could you make a mention of it? i've read your blog for about a month, now [this was just my first comment] and i'm going to be sticking around :)

    and - thanks for the blog! it's VERY useful in deciding where to spend my limited funds!

  8. @ denelian: What would you like me to mention? Is there a particular product that you're looking for? I feel honoured that you've been following my blog! It's great to get to know my readers and I guess that's why I write here :). Thank you for following and commenting!

  9. specifically, if you find any soaps and/or shampoos [ESPECIALLY shampoos!] that can be used either dry, or as a sponge-bath. most commercial soap DOES NOT WORK for a sponge bath. what i have works, but it smells like medicine...

    i've been looking, but there are TONS of places that sell soap. i'm not asking for a search on your part, just... if you see something that might work while you're doing your research or whatever, i'd be forever grateful for that info!!!

    as for blogs - i don't have the inclination to write one - i have a sadly neglected LiveJournal - but i LOVE blogs. and meeting new cool people. serendipity struck, since there's both here :) i *really* enjoy your blog! and the makeup reviews are *very* helpful! thank you for doing them :)


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