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Review: Medusa's Makeup Part 3 Foundation, Lipgloss

Medusa's Makeup is a mineral makeup company that specialises in bright colours. I've always been on the quest for bright and exciting colours and Medusa was the first one I tried. This review will be split into parts. This is part 3; if you have read Part 1 or 2 you can skip to Product and Results.
What They Sell
Medusa's Makeup sell bright makeup in loose pigments (which they call eye dusts), pressed eyeshadows, glitter, body powder, foundation, blush, eye primer, glitter primer, eyeliner sealant, lip gloss, brushes, eyeliner, bags, brush cleaner, other Medusa branded gifts, and recently mascara which was not there at the time I purchased.
Their website is bright and eye catching with most of the links on the left side. At the time eye dusts, glitter and eyeshadows came up separately on their own category, not under eyes. The company spends a great deal of effort creating an image for itself. The shopping cart comes up in a new window from paypal which can be confusing for first time users as it updates itself separately and you don't see it happen. Paypal is still a very convenient way to pay for those who don't want to pay directly with their bank accounts.

What I Bought
(Prices in US dollars)
  • Eye dusts in Big Bird, Purple Rain and Wasabe - $6 each
  • Eyeshadow in Electro Red - $9 each
  • Foundation in Geisha with Kabuki Brush - $16
  • Eyeliner sealant - $8
  • Glitter in Abracadabra - $6
  • The Fix - $6
  • The whole lipgloss collection - $45 (special deal)

This is part 3 and I'll be reviewing Foundation and Kabuki Brush, and Lipgloss. Read Part One or Part Two if you haven't already.

The Product and Results                                     
The foundation only comes in one colour and appears to be flat white called Geisha (they have a highlighter and body shimmers). There are no descriptions on the site of the colour which makes its appearance of colour deceptive. The flat white is actually white sheer and the finish slightly shimmery (put too much and your face will be a mirror :P) - You will not get a heavy matte pale white face with this foundation! It comes in a large jar with sifter and a clear dome lid. Doesn't last too long.
(picture from medusa)
Again I'm scratching my head at the labeling confusion all over the site. Said to be 2 gms on the buying page, then 6 gms on the ingredients page. And they don't have any ingredients on the site either...So here I am scratching my head yet again.

How do I use it? I like to dip my kabuki brush (which comes with the foundation for $2 more) into the foundation on the sifter, tap the excess in the main jar and swirl in the lid which fits well to the brush. I have also found that the formula is too sheer for my liking so with the jar closed I tap the jar upside down to fill the base a couple millimetres and add 1/8 teaspoon of matte sample foundations from other companies on top of the sifter.
I love this 'foundation'. Unfortunately it's not very special, the ingredients looks a little primitive as well, but it's great to get a natural look and the shimmer diffuses the light to give a slight glow and reduce facial imperfections (use as mineral finisher).
(1st picture from Medusa, 2nd Garden of Shadows)
The brush for the price with the foundation is, well, cheap! Which is great (by it alone and it might not be worth it)! The brush is of an average quality; it is soft on the face and applies well, but it will shed all the time on your face.
Colour swatches on the site. Doesn't show well...& photoshop? Same order as above.
This picture shows the colours very close. Concious, Sparkle Mania, Whispers, French Kiss, Loverboy, Gossip, Rumors, Smooch, Loud Mouth, Bite Me, Talk Talk, Temptation (Image from Medusa)
The lip glosses come in 12 colours in a clear lip gloss container and an applicator wand in a similar shape to the doe foot applicators.
I found that the lip glosses were GREAT! Most of the lip glosses are very pigmented, especially the shimmery ones (of course the clear lipgloss wouldn't have any colour but it does give a strong gloss). They are not sticky initially, but if you have slightly dry lips it will get sticky as your lips absorb the formula, and you will have to clean that up afterwards. The contrast shimmer doesn't come up as well on the lips although you can see it in the container. The names are very amusing and they all seem to have something to do with lips (eating, talking, kissing and all the like!). My favourites are Bite Me (Cool red), Temptation (Brownish Red), Loud Mouth (Orange!) and Talk Talk (Warm red).
No flash
The colours with site description in parenthesis and my own opinions of each:
  • Concious - (crystal clear flavour free) yep, clear! light on lips.
  • Sparkle Mania - (clear glitter, vanilla flavour) white sparkle doesn't show up that well.
  • Whispers - (pearly violet, vanilla flavour) light purple/lilac, doesn't show up too well.
  • French Kiss - (medium pink, strawberry flavour) shimmery pigmented medium pink, bluer than loverboy
  • Loverboy - (intense pink, bubblegum flavour) bright pigmented shimmery hot pink with a little white in it
  • Gossip - (iridescent violet pink, cherry flavour) has a purple shimmer in the tube but is more pink on skin and lips
  • Rumors - (true violet, grape flavour) looks really violet in the tube but is not as pigmented, little to no shimmer
  • Smooch - (pink salmon, strawberry flavour) no idea what pink salmon looks like but it is a musty pink with visible gold shimmer
  • Loud Mouth - (golden copper, tangerine flavour) very pigmented coppery orange, love this flavour!
  • Bite me - (red, watermelon flavour) very pigmented cool (blue based) red, love this colour, lights up for very beautiful red lips! Golden shimmer not very apparent on lips.
  • Talk Talk - (marron red, watermelon flavour) slightly less pigmented than bite me but a warm red, bronze shimmer not apparent on lips.
  • Temptation - (deep eggplant, grape flavour) very pigmented! Love this colour, a deep red leaning to plum, gold shimmer not very apparent on lips. Appears more red if your lips are red/pink underneath.
They are scented which can be overwhelming at first, so if fragrances aren't your thing you may need to avoid these. The labels for the names come off too easily (was getting confused which colour is which).
The volume is 0.25 fl oz. Ingredients: Silica, Polybutene, Microcrystalline Wax, Octyl Palmitate, Methylaraben, Propylparaben, Paraffinum Liquidum,Butylated Hyclroxy, Fragrance, Mica, Titanium Dioxide, Iron Oxide.

On their website I looked on the 16th of March and they had a deal of 4 lip glosses for $27 which was noted to be extended till February 14th. This further strengthens the case I brought up in the last review that they do not maintain the site properly.

Would I buy these products again?
Yes! I would buy the foundation again as a face finishing powder rather than a foundation. The brush is great for the price combined with the foundation and I would be happy to purchase it again, and would be interested in trying other ones. The lipglosses are brilliant! I fell in love with many of the colours and with a deal like that (12 for $45 or $29 recently) it is definitely worth it, and I definitely see myself buying my favourite colours. So although I was disappointed with the other products from Medusa, I love these and it's good to end on a happy note!

Look out for part 1 and part 2, and the combined post!
Love, Porcelaine.


  1. Ha! Finally able to comment! I love the last 4 glosses! They look pretty! :D Still, from your reviews, most of the products ain't very good! (like the glitters and such)
    But the glosses are interesting!

  2. @ Cacau: me too! i love the rich dark colours and they are the ones i use the most! perhaps you could get a friend to send it to you? do you know anyone in usa? i'm probably too far since i'm in australia :S


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