Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Morgana Minerals/Cryptoria Review Part 1

Morgana Minerals/Cryptoria is a fairly new up and coming makeup company that has created a new dimension on the products we purchase from indie mineral makeup companies. I had been enticed by their products and decided to take the dip early this year. Here's Part 1 of my review!

What They Sell

They sell a range of products, some made by the owner like eyeshadow, foundation, lipstick, lipgloss, glitter, and some commercially bought items like the indelibles, hair dye, brushes, etc. They often release collections for eyeshadows and sometimes they make requested colours for their products.

What I Bought
(Prices in US dollars)
  • Eyeshadow 1/8 tsp sample $1 each,  Aqua Stars, Bloody Mary, Erelieva, Glitter Ghoul, Jolly Roger, Marooned, Sinister, Warped.
  • Mysterious glitter 1 gram sample $1
  • Lipstick sample $0.50 each, Blood, Cauldron, Glittering Poinsettia, Grape, Gunmetal Blue, Ice Queen, Licorice, Lillian, Ravenna, Serenity, Spellbound, Sugar Plum Rum, Turquoise, Violet's Kiss, Watermelon.
  • Lipstick tubes $5 each (was $10)Medusa, Metallic Maiden, Pumpkin Eater, Red licorice 
  • Rustic lipstick tube $10
  • Phantom Mineral Foundation 1/4 tsp sample $2
  • Private label City Lights, Racy $3 each
  • Manhunt Indelible Cream Eyeshadow $6
  • Tiny scoop $0.10, 5 gm jar lid $0.15
The Product and Results
I did buy Morgana's foundation but I won't be reviewing that just yet. I've never worn it by itself and it would be better to use a colour closer to my natural colours to show how it blends in and work in those conditions.
Eyeshadows come in a range of sizes from sample bags, jars, refills and larger sizes which is great for the mindful consumer. The texture of the eyeshadows are smooth and easy to blend but I find that the shimmer and sparkle doesn't come up as much and are sometimes overtaken by the matte/oxide base. They apply alright apart from that; adhesion is good - as with most mineral eyeshadows a base is preferred to achieve intensity. Some do have glitter in them can be irritating for some people. Their mid complexity from what I've tried but their creativity with the colours is quite good. The pricing $1 for a sample is expected like many other companies.
The eyeshadow colours are as follows with my thoughts on the colours:
  • Marooned - Described as "Red-plum with turquoise sparkles." My thoughts: looks like a reddish brown rather than plum with subtle turquoise sparkles.
  • Jolly Roger - Described as "Matte black with shimmering silver-white sparkles. Very sparkly!" My thoughts: Indeed very sparkly! As described, silver sparkles on matte black. A bit of fallout/flyaway factor.
  • Glitter Ghoul - Described as "Black with sparkles of pink, purple, & aqua." My thoughts: Mostly black base similar to Jolly Roger but with only aqua sparks prominent. The pink and purple is there but not noticeable without looking.
  • Sinister - Described as "A brilliant, lustrous green that shifts aqua, blue-violet, and purple depending on the view." My thoughts: It's mostly what I'd call a pine green. It is a dark gently shimmery green, creamy and has an amazing depth of black. The black-ness can't really be seen by itself, all mixed thoroughly together with the green. However I can't see any shift to blue.
  • Aqua Stars - My thoughts: Like Glitter Ghoul but with only aqua sparkles.
  • Bloody Mary - Described as "Applies as a cool toned, metallic pink-red." My thoughts: has a similar creamy shimmer like sinister, slightly metallic but not a full metallic/shimmer. I think the red is in the middle. Sometimes it looks cool while other times it looks warm and has a very slight orangey red shimmer. Fiery and pigmented but flat (fully red, no sparkles)
  • Erelieva  - My thoughts: Creamy, shimmery, slightly dimmer than apple green. It's a very soft texture that diffuses light with a slight glow. Mesmerising!
  • Warped - Similar texture to Erelieva and Bloody Mary. Soft, creamy, slightly shimmery and slightly dusty purple. Has some soft green shimmer.
I bought one sample of glitter and they have quite a large sample - 1 full gram for a very reasonable price! The colour 'Mysterious' is full of green, blue and black glitter. The size of the glitter is mid range, not the finest but not coarse.

All the baggies are well labelled with printed labels, some in pretty silver with pictures for collections.
Customer service is always great! Melissa at Morgana always answers emails promptly and is always kind and thoughtful in her responses. If you have a problem I'm sure she'll try and fix it, and whenever I want something put on hold she does so in the most polite manner.

Shipping times come in the stated time but when I did buy it she was very busy, so had an extended timeframe. Although I'm not complaining, it can be annoying especially if you need your order for a particular event so you have to watch out from time to time. It was adequately packed but would have benefited from being sealed with tape; I contacted Melissa and the problem should now be resolved. I previously received an invoice statement but they no longer supply this on orders in order to be environmentally conscious which I don't find a problem and fully support!

The website is always fairly easy to navigate and has been revamped a few times. It is quite gothic which I personally have no problem with. I find that the shopping cart in particular has been done well, you can always locate it on the page and makes keeping track of your order very easy. The pictures are generally very colour accurate but I find that some of it is very close up and the particles may appear larger than the actual shadow.

Often there are sales and Melissa's Twitter sometimes has amazing surprise sales which you can take advantage of. And I think the most unique part of her customer service has been "We know what it's like to buy something at regular price, only to have it go on sale shortly afterward. So, as a courtesy to our customers, we offer a price & promo guarantee." So if you do buy something before it goes on sale then you won't be left out with the opportunity to be rewarded on your next order.

Would I buy these products again?
Most definitely! I may try the new colours of foundation. I'm sitting on the fence for the eyeshadows; they're not bad but I guess I'm not entirely attracted to them but I would probably like to try the new collections as they seem much more beautiful and something that does not have a heavy matte base. For the lip sticks look out for part 2!

Love, Porcelaine.


  1. i've been on the edge of my seat, waiting for the lip-products review! i just bought a TON of glitter from MC [and you're quite right - Melissa is AWESOME!] but i'm ... picky about lip products...

    just so you know :) i've come to check every day lol

  2. @denelian: the lip post is almost done but I also have some fyrinnae reviews to go through which are in the works. I'll probably do one fyrinnae and then one haus of gloi and come back to morgana. So i have some picture taking and swatching to do!

  3. well, i can't say that's a *BAD* thing! i've only ordered a few things from Fyrinnae, but they were all VERY lovely - swatches that other people do are a good chunk of how i decide to spend my meager funds :D

    so thanks!


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