Saturday, November 27, 2010

NOTD # 4 Rimmel's Zeitgeist

This NOTD is done with Rimmel 60 Second Vinyl Shine in the shade 875 Zeitgeist. It was a nail polish I bought about a few years ago, perhaps more, and it's one of those extraordinary nail polishes that has an oil slick look with the colour affected by sunlight.
In the bottle it's beautiful and you can see the effect easily (in real life it looks much better) since it's reflecting on a curved surface. However on the nail... The effect is not as good as in the bottle. Of course like any 'gimmicky' (not in a bad way) nail polishes the effects are probably not going to be noticed by someone passing by (though one of my friends did notice it...), but for yourself you will be able to see a shift in colour. 
You can see the greenish copper on the side of the nail in this picture.
Colours like the base purple is clearly visible, a copper, mossy coppery green on the edges, and sometimes a bit of golden yellow. What I find particularly interesting is that the finish is not a full gloss. It is metallic (which I love) with a slight gloss (which is totally contradictory to its name vinyl shine). If you wanted it a full gloss then of course you could use a top coat. I might show that next time. 
I probably paid something like $8-15 considering these brands are quite pricey where I live. This shade might be discontinued now since this is a few years old. I still love the effect and it dries so quickly, very no fuss, and that keeps me using it again and again.

Love Porcelaine.


  1. Reminds me a bit of Nubar Purple Beach! I'm really loving duochrome nail polish lately. It's interesting yet effortless :)

  2. @ Jade: Yes it is. It's so easy to apply and you just can't stop staring all day!


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