Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Random Self Conversing #6

For your information!

From my review (see below)
  1. The giveaway is still on! If you haven't already I suggest you enter now! You never know, you might win, but if you want a chance you have to enter! You get up to 8 ENTRIES!
  2. There is currently a 20 % off sale over at Garden Of Shadows Store! Big Discounts!
  3. I've posted earrings that can be worn by ANYONE: Hold My Heart Earrings and Azure Flutura Earrings. I've also posted hair combs: Lilac Fleur Flower Comb, Ruby Leila Flower Comb, and Ruby Diana Flower comb.
  4. I have finally posted my Medusa makeup review pt 3. It was sitting for a year but it's finally done!
  5. I've posted the Haus of Gloi review. Have a look at Cacau's post too on her thoughts. There will be a part 2 post on each of the soap scents!
  6. I have posted a really long Morgana Minerals review, well part 1 of it anyway. You know what that means? Yes, there will, again, another long part 2! I'm way too in depth but I can't help it =S!
  7. I've posted one of my Macaron adventures!
This has been longer than usual but that means a lot is happening around here and I can't wait to show you more reviews that are to come!

Love Porcelaine.

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