Friday, November 19, 2010

Random Self Conversing #7

Catch up with me!

  1. Giveaway has ended. I will have to count the entries and such and the announcement will come sometime soon. I have already started thinking about another giveaway! And I think it will be bigger if this giveaway has all gone to plan.
  2. About the Aromaleigh reviews. I've decided not to do them anymore because as most of you know they're shutting down and have been for months. I won't do the swatches from my last review but I may do a lip balm review if I happen to buy lip balms in the future as a benchmark product since most people are aware of it.
  3. I've received my first blog award thing from Cacau. I've never done one of these things but you can look at it here.
  4. Bought some more Meow cosmetics. I will see how it goes and will probably post a secondary review.
  5. Also I bought my first Holo nail polish. I know it's been done to death but we don't really have out-there nail polishes downunder so this is a special treat for me!
  6. I have another NOTD coming up as well.
  7. I ordered from Evil Shades too! I got one of their primers so I don't have to wish any more. I will do a review once I get it!
  8. These reviews are coming up: MAC Prep & Prime eyeshadow primer, Essie matte nail polish, Ikea light.
Way, way longer than I planned but as always the more to say the more that is going on. Heaps of posts and reviews to delight =P


  1. Can't wait to see your reviews/swatches of Meow, Evil Shades and the MAC Prep & Prime Eye :)

  2. @ SilhouetteScreams: I'm patiently waiting for my Evil order! I can't wait to get it and experiment with all the out there colours. Hope it comes soon!


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