Thursday, November 18, 2010

SUNNAN light!

See this thing?
I want it!
And I'm going to (try to) get it tomorrow.
It is a solar powered desk light from ikea called SUNNAN (great name!).
Costs $20 AUD now (was $40) and I want the green one to freshen up my room!
I love ikea and Nea (fashioned from finland) who shops there always reminds me why I love them so much.
Not that I go often at all but seeing as I got their catalogue a couple months ago I've been further enticed to go on a shopping spree.
As there is plenty of light in Australia this solar light seems to be a good idea.
I'll be testing it and I'll tell you what it's like and whether you should be purchasing it yourself!
Wish me good luck with this one!
I really do hope this turns out great since it is environmentally friendly and safer to use without cords which makes it handy to move from room to room.


  1. pay attnetion to the bulb - i have a full-spectrum lamp, and the bulb [element?] lst 5 YEARS - and to replace it, i could either spend $50 to get it from this company [propriatary markets. assholes.] or, erm, "convert" the OFFICIAL lightbuld of this size and make - there's a plasic cap around the socket in the lamp itself, who's ENTIRE FUNCTION is to force people to by the propriatary version. i used a drummel tool - after all, ALL they did was carve gaps into it, themselves. in the plastic, of course.

    so - check and make sure you can get lightbulbs that don't as much as the lamo :)

  2. @ denelian: It says it's an inbuilt LED so that might pose a problem. But the benefits might outweigh the negative aspects. I will probably have to ask the staff at Ikea to confirm. Thank you for pointing that out. That is definitely an important thing to consider (and I hate that companies do that :S).

  3. oh! that different, then - there's a chance there's nothing TO change! which means a new lamp in 5 years... or maybe 10, depending on the type of LEDs it's got.
    good luck!


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