Saturday, November 20, 2010

Time to Speak!

I've avoided directly replying to my giveaway before it ended but I'm here to answer or comment on everyone's feedback because it is only fair that I acknowledge all the help and suggestions everyone put forth.
So here it goes!
  • Cacau says "I'd like to see more of your reviews! I want to hear what you think of the ones we both tried!:D"
Hello Cacau! Well I've recently posted on Haus of Gloi and we found some close comparisons. There will be a part 2 but not too much about the quality of the products. Also one part of Morgana Minerals has been posted and there is another post to come. Meow will be on the way too and you were the one to trick um...gently reminded me XD! to order from Meow. Oh and Fyrinnae too!
  • Lil says "I want to see some recipes maybe. I don't know if I am recalling correctly. But I remember you like to bake as well?"
Yep I do! So I've posted a Macaron post but there will be a longer part 2 coming up really soon. I will show parts of my process. I guess so many people are curious about making these seeming magical delicacies! And I will try to get some more desserts happening. I curse at my camera because they make my pictures horrible so I will do my best to post them as well as I can =). I love cooking! (I think I would win if it was a national sport =P!)
  • Lil says "Oh, and the Minä I, Classic Pearl Bracelet is absolutely gorgeous. I think more of this style of jewellery would be great for your store.
I have a pair of pearl earrings that I should post soon. It has a similar simplicity of the Minä I, Classic Pearl Bracelet but it will be made of real freshwater pearls! Lighting lately has been very strange (as you probably know) because of La Niña so taking pictures has been a bit troublesome.
  • Witoxicity says "I think you should do more beauty reviews. I loved reading your House of Gloi review. As for your store, I like all kinds of accessories, so just keep making what you've been making: earrings, bracelets, hair accessories, etc. They are beautiful. I like the Azure Flutura Earrings the most! :)"
Thank you. I have plenty of reviews to catch up on but I am finding swatching and taking photos a hassle because my camera isn't that great and the lighting hasn't been that bright lately.  I love how whimsical the Azure Flutura Earrings are; it's so pretty in its own special way.

  • Shaima says "I would love to see Kiko nail polish and beauty review that would be great. I think it would be cool if you sell stamp metal necklace and bracelet. Earring would be cool if they are mix of metal and pearls."
It might be difficult to get Kiko nail polish because I don't think we have it around here. Getting a lot of 'international' brands of nail polish is quite hard in Australia because the market isn't as big so consequently we get a limited range and brands, and expensive prices for good brands. The only fashion forward nail polish I've seen here is the crackle nail polish by BYS which is Aussie I think but even then I couldn't find them in the local stores till these past couple months and a lot of people were talking about it already! I was trying out doing wire wrapped earrings with pearls but they didn't turn out particularly well, but it is on my list of things to do in terms of perfecting.
  • Denelian says "what i'd like, if you could, is "hair jewlery" for LONG hair [my hair is almost to my knees!]. there's tons of cool stuff for hair - but almost none of it WORKS in mine! and i LOVE that "ruby" corset you have - it's more than i can afford right now, but OH GODS! how i want it!!! or rather, how i want one in my size :) since it appears you make them to spec!"
I'm not sure about what kind of hair jewellery you are looking for but if you have long hair I could suggest adorning them than using tools to hold it up. The flower combs could easily be pushed into a ponytail for example. A half head ponytail looks very feminine with a flower comb :). So I guess by suggestion is to decorate rather than trying to fix it up. I have really thick hair so sometimes I find it hard to, say, use a hair claw to hold my ponytail up. I think I might be doing some hair bands but I have to find the right materials first since a lot of hairbands are flimsy. Thank you for admiring my corset. It is made to size on the measurements you wish it to be. I think I will try to design a corset pattern for simple and affordable corsets. However getting the materials for it can be quite costly =S!
  • Angie says "id really like to some looks that you do with all your products - i love ur swatches by the way, they are awesome! ive gotta say im in love with the black corset, its gorgeous"
Look of the day...*sigh*. I'd love to, I really do, but I'm such a private person. I would love to post some of the looks I do and I find doing my make up so much fun. I wish I could share it with the world. But once you post up something on the internet it's pretty much there forever. So I'm still sitting on the fence with this one. I have to say recently I've been thinking of posting videos! You never know, I might do LOTD...Thank you for complimenting my swatches. To be honest I don't think I do a good job with those and I just wish I had a proper camera to get them done properly! I think I might get one after Christmas, a camera that doesn't blur, makes photos with depth and are colour correct!
  • Thifa says "I like seeing make-up swatches and reviews. Also like some nail polish and, of course, food!! :) From your store, I love the corsets! Rings would be a great addition."
As an end product I love my reviews the most and it feels very fulfilling to get them done, make a verdict and be of use! There will definitely be more to come as long as I can help it. A couple NOTDs are coming up and I think I have to redo my nails too soon! I will definitely try to get more corsets done. I do have some ring bases which I haven't used so possibly if I can coordinate some beads that could turn out nice!

  • Aero says "I'd like to see more posts on glitter. All kids of glitter, like how to use it ubtly, how to make it pop out vegas style and how to do the glowy-bronzy effect with glitter. I would like to see more glass beading jewelry with aged copper hardware. My favorite piece from your store is the Serene Azuria Earrings."

Glitter! I love glitter! I may be able to do a post on that. It might be hard doing it in photos so perhaps a video? I've never done a video though! I might make Serene Azuria Earrings more permanent and upgrade the material in it.

Thank you for entering my giveaway and giving so much feedback. I hope you enjoyed reading this!

Love Porcelaine.


  1. Hey!
    Thanks for putting in the effort to reply!! ^^

  2. @ Lil: I thought it would be sensible and respectful to do that. I wouldn't like it myself if I put some of my advice and receive no reply feeling unappreciated! I'm working on the cooking!

  3. I realized I forgot to say what I'd like to say at the shop! Well, I confess it's hard for me, since I don't use accessories much... But I loved the combs you posted a few days ago and I think you should make more of those! ^^

    Oh! I saw your reviews! I agree with you on the Haus one! Can't wait to see part 2 of Morgana!

  4. On the LOTD thing, you can always post just the eyes. That's what I'll do ^^

  5. you're probably right about things to *do* my hair, instead of just accessorising - i confess, i LOVE hair combs [how did i MISS that you have combs?!] i keep TRYING new things for hair - but it appears that the companies that make hair products thing "long hair" is really "hair that goes past your shoulders" and not "hair that goes way past your butt". my hair is [was, at last measurment] 4feet5inches. NOTHING WORKS *sob* well, i mean, LARGE scrunchies work for ponytails, hairpins work - but not the fun stuff.
    hair combs, though - i love them. so i'll go poke in the store.

    PS: glitter, this is general for anyone who can get it. Sally's Beauty Supply has an offshoot, called "Sally Girl" that does makeup [can be found at the Sally's website] and they sell cosmetics- grade glitters *AND* cosmetics grade [even safe around eyes] glitter GLUE!,default,pd.html
    it's 99 cents [USian - not sure what it's be elsewhere - if it's a straight conversion, AUS to US is .98 = $1 right now, so maybe it'd be $1.01 or so] and it's AWESOME!


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