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Morgana Minerals/Cryptoria Review Part 2

If you haven't read part 1 I suggest you head over 'here'So I've already covered the background info of Morgana Minerals in my first post. This post will contain an in depth look of just the lipsticks!

What I Bought
(Prices in US dollars)
  • Eyeshadow 1/8 tsp sample $1 each,  Aqua Stars, Bloody Mary, Erelieva, Glitter Ghoul, Jolly Roger, Marooned, Sinister, Warped.
  • Mysterious glitter 1 gram sample $1
  • Lipstick sample $0.50 each, Blood, Cauldron, Glittering Poinsettia, Grape, Gunmetal Blue, Ice Queen, Licorice, Lillian, Ravenna, Serenity, Spellbound, Sugar Plum Rum, Turquoise, Violet's Kiss, Watermelon.
  • Lipstick tubes $5 each (was $10)Medusa, Metallic Maiden, Pumpkin Eater, Red licorice 
  • Rustic lipstick tube $10
  • Phantom Mineral Foundation 1/4 tsp sample $2
  • Private label City Lights, Racy $3 each
  • Manhunt Indelible Cream Eyeshadow $6
  • Tiny scoop $0.10, 5 gm jar lid $0.15
The Product and Results

Morgana's lipstick is an utter goldmine. I know heaps of people have been raving about them but for a mineral makeup company their quality is probably the best out of all I've seen in the indie mineral makeup world. It's the real deal in just about every aspect you look at it.

The formula in the tube is quite hard and holds up well. The formula is moisturising but best applied with a lip brush for it to stay better on the lips, or it can be too oily, more specifically in the hot climate of Australia (if you live in a cool temperate area this shouldn't be a problem). Pigmentation is great - a 'one swipe' application, but you might have to reapply if you eat or drink. Colour range is extraordinary - Some very unusual ones, some complex, some unique, some perfectly done (such as the reds) and some for you normal people too (pinks, coral, red, orange, nudes)! 
Rustic on left, Pumpkin eater opened right, lipstick tubes.
At the time I bought samples in bags (which were sometimes are a little dried up and not as moisturising, but the price was very affordable) which they discontinued, and lipsticks in tubes (very professional, real deal lipstick tubes), but they later introduced pots which is an idea I love! Sometimes the tube does not always hold the stick of lipstick properly so you have to be careful. 
Flash, indirect daylight
The lipstick colours are as follows with my thoughts on the colours:
Daylight, Top: Glittering Poinsettia, Blood, Cauldron, Licorice, Serenity
Bottom: Ravenna, Lillian, Spellbound, Sugar Plum Rum
  • Glittering Poinsettia - rich matte reddish plum (same base as 'Blood') with pretty contrasting gold glitter (one of my favourites)
  • Blood - same rich matte reddish plum of 'Glittering Poinsettia' but without the glitter
  • Cauldron - blackest matte black base with a lot of silver glitter. Not grey as it seems in some pictures.
  • Licorice - Matte blackest black like 'Cauldron'
  • Serenity - a rich clear blue, more blue than photos. More blue than aqua but with aqua shimmer. This colour is so unique, one of my favourites for the 'out there' colours.
  • Ice Queen - Metallic, shimmery darkened greyed/silvery turquoise. Pretty and unique!
  • Turquoise - Sparkly metallic and full of depth, darkened bluish green. Lovely and unique colour!
  • Gunmetal Blue - similar to 'Spellbound', metallic darkened silver with a touch of blue.
Daylight, Top: Blood, Cauldron, Licorice, Serenity, Ice Queen, Turquoise, Gunmetal Blue
Bottom: Ravenna, Lillian, Spellbound, Sugar Plum Rum, Grape, Violet's Kiss
  • Ravenna - darkened matte red. Almost black but can be spread out to show more red.
  • Lillian - lovely metallic silvery cool lavender. Amazing colour that holds up the metallic light purple when worn. One of my favourites if my skin tone matched with this colour!
  • Spellbound - metallic dark greyish blue. More blue than 'gunmetal blue'
  • Sugar Plum Rum - complex metallic plum, much more blue than 'Blood', darker than 'Grape'. Great Autumn/Winter shade!
  • Grape - nice rich mid purple, looks shimmery but applies a little more matte or flat. It's the grape colour of those bubblegum packets.
  • Violet's Kiss - Shimmery plum lighter than 'Grape'. Beautiful!
  • Watermelon - Slightly muted bright pink with green shimmer (not visible on lips). Unique colour combination and a great 'normal' colour.

Watermelon, left flash, right daylight
  • Pumpkin Eater - rich coppery metallic orange, a touch of brown. Not as orange as the pictures but full of impact on the lips, still wearable every day.
    Pumpkin Eater
  • Rustic - brown base with some green shimmer.
The Future: Morgana Minerals has technically changed to Morgana Cryptoria. On her site Melissa states "In late 2010 I opened Morgana Cryptoria & closed Morgana Minerals. My plan is to become less of a mineral makeup company and focus on traditional cosmetics while working on plans to expand into goth clothing, decor, and jewelry in the future. "

There are also lipglosses to be added. There is only one at the moment on the site and would love to try these soon!

Would I buy these products again?
YES, yes, yes! Can't say it enough. I'm excited to try the lipgloss if they are anything as good as the lipsticks are. I will definitely be buying the lip pots and would love to use them everyday. I think every one of the products have been done well but there are some outstanding products that have been professional, well made, complex, creative and fun! Go ahead and try it yourself!

Love, Porcelaine.


  1. Ahhhh all the blues and turquoises look gorgeous! I bought a tonne of samples months ago, but they haven't gotten much use since they're not in the tub with my full size lipsticks from each brand.

    Good to know about the lipsticks being a bit oily in the Summer heat, they probably wouldn't fare too well here on the Gold Coast XD

  2. @ SilhouetteScreams: When I got them at the beginning of this year I was wondering what all this 'staying power' was about from all the reviews I've seen. Wasn't until winter when I realised that the summer heat made it far too oily. It's a pity, and Sydney's pretty much the same as the Gold Coast when it comes to these lipsticks. But you can always be the lipgloss half a year, lipstick for winter type of girl!

  3. Lillian looks so pretty! The new pastel and holiday lipsticks look amazing, have you looked at them yet?

  4. where are you seeing "pots"? actually, so far as i can tell, you can't even get samples of lip colors anymore - which sucks, bigtime, for me. i CAN'T buy lip-colors without trying them first [i'm one of those people, reds turn to pink or orange for no reason; blues go green, greens go yellow... sigh]

  5. @ denelian: You have to click on lipsticks and lipgloss first and underneath it has a link that says frankenlippy factory and you click that. The link is here:

  6. @ denelian: Actually I forgot to mention I was talking to Melissa from Morgana the other day and she said that because she gets many requests for the sample baggies she's considering bringing them back. So keep watch and you might find them back later.

    I also sometimes have a bit of trouble with getting colours right because my lips are quite pigmented. They're like a medium pink or reddish colour so colours turn more redder or darker. From my experience Morgana's lippies are pigmented enough to cover your lips and keep the colour pretty much right. It may tinge a little but not too major.

  7. @ Heather: I've looked on the site for sure! I love the two purples but whether I can pull them off? They look gorgeous but I haven't tried to purchase any yet. I'll be watching though so maybe next year I'll get around to doing it!

  8. ! well, now i feel silly, because i've never seen that! sheesh.

    thanks :) i'd prefer pots, actually... i'm gonna go follow the link now - you're my hero!

  9. @ denelian: no problem. I didn't quite realise either, I only knew that they did sell them but I only noticed the link when I went on the site. Tell me what you think of them if you get them :)

  10. it probably won't be til next month, but i will :)

  11. Thanks for your review about the Morgana Mineral products. I like all the colors and shades, these are very lucrative. Thanks for sharing your information.


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