Friday, December 10, 2010

NOTD # 5 Color Club Revvvolution (+ Review)

About a month ago I bought this nail polish off Ebay. It came to me in less than a week. I was terribly excited to try it out. You see, down under is pretty sparse and boring. We have no water, no real city and no HOLO nail polishes! So this was a first for me!

This will be both a NOTD and mini review.
At this angle the fiery colours are more apparent (night time, indoors with flash)
I know this is basically overdone but as a first for myself I'm going to review the heck anyway! I paid approx $15. This nail polish can be looked at in two ways. It is either a rainbow on black base or silver (that reflects) on black base. The holo particles are very small and in the sun they look nice in the bottle. When it comes to your nails that's slightly different. The polish applies almost opaquely in 1 coat and basically opaque in 2 coats.
At this angle more of the cool colours appear (night time, indoors with flash)
In the sun the holo effect is more obvious however it's not a very 'powerful' holo effect. It's visible when you look at it but not clearly apparent. If you were to pass by someone with this you wouldn't have noticed anything. You can see the rings of colour and the rainbow through different angles. I did my nails in all these nail photos with a quick base coat and two coats of Revvvolution. They apply basically glossy but with a top coat the gloss is heightened.
In full sunlight
One thing I noticed however is the effect of a top coat on this holo. On my thumb I tried putting a top coat on top of the base coat and 2 coats of holo (although not shown in the pictures). I was expecting the holo to be better but in fact the holo effect reduced and was not as vibrant. I compared my two thumbs and noticed that two things were happening. 
#1: that the depth made the coloured reflection harder to reflect towards your eye. 
#2: The higher gloss made a more visible reflection of the outer light (reflecting off the top coat gloss rather than the holo particles) making it harder to see 'underneath' the top coat.
Inevitably I had to choose between a hard wearing nail polish or a slightly better holo.
In sunlight
 I chose the holo...!
On my feet I did two coats of the holo and one top coat and they lasted forever!
The quality of wear and opacity of this nail polish is very good.
So here comes the point where I shall call this a 'gimmick'. Again, if you've been reading my blog you know that that doesn't necessarily make it a bad thing. But honestly this nail polish is for your own satisfaction. You must love it yourself and not care what others think or what you hope them to notice. Which brings me to the fact that I would get distracted all the time trying to look at it and admiring it!
Bottle indoors with flash
Would I buy it again? Well...yes in a way. I would get the other colours to try them out but I think after having a bit of fun and amusement I might at some point move on. But the quality from Color Club looks very promising. You might be used to getting these things if you are in the states but here this will be one of the rare occasions to enjoy these brands and products!
Bottle indoors with flash
Love Porcelaine.


  1. Oh my gosh it's so pretty!
    But it's expensive too ><

  2. What an excellent nail polish review! I don't get to read such thorough reviews anymore these days. The rainbow colours showed up very well in the photos. Thanks for the insight on the pros and cons of using a top coat on a holo. :)

  3. Pretty! I've never painted my nails with glitter before! (my health sucks, so my nails have been breaking like hell haahaha) Gorgeous collor!

  4. This is gorgeous, even though I prefer more obvious holos. I figured out that topcoat thing the hard way too! :(

    Great thorough review :)

  5. @ Lil: This was definitely a special treat for me but I think $15 once in a while is not too bad. I know that some of the other brands or shades, because they are scarce to find, cost a lot more if you are desperate to find them. I definitely wouldn't be buying them on a very regular occasion though!

    @ Witoxicity: Thank you! I'm glad you like my style of writing! A lot of reviews these days are summarised and basically an opinion of either good or bad. I like to go through as much as I can; there are different factors that may suit people in different ways but I'm also ashamedly a perfectionist :S!

    @ Cacau: They are not actually a glitter consistency. I think I know what you mean about glitter being damaging and hard to take off so they aren't good for your nails but this nail polish applies like most other 'normal' nail polishes. You might have to consider using a good base coat to protect your nails, or a nail strengthener.

    @ SilhouetteScreams: I was very surprised about the topcoat. I hope you still use your holo, they're so much fun! I really wish we could put the topcoat on and make the pretty holo last longer.

  6. I LOVE this colour! And I love Color Club polishes. I have them too at home, in the bright aqua and the pink-purple colour, and have had my nails done in the bright lime, yellow and orange as well :)

  7. Hi, I was just wondering who the ebay seller was you bought this from. I've been looking for this particular holo everywhere and since they're not available in Canada, it's been basically impossible to find. I've never purchased from ebay before, so getting the info from you would be a great help! :)

  8. @ the fashionate traveller: They are very fun to amuse one's self! I really want to buy more.

    @ BelleJoie: The ebay seller's name is prettythingsforyouandme*123. That took a while to find! I couldn't find the account history in ebay. Anyway I've had good experience with them. They shipped very quickly which is great considering I always receive international mail. Good luck with finding it.

  9. This polish is available for around $3 at online e-tailers such as head2toebeaty & victoriasnailsupply. i do love this polish but $15 seems very expensive for color cluB!

  10. @ Supergirl: Thanks for the links. Unfortunately victorias nail supply doesn't ship internationally and from a quick search head2toebeauty only has a couple. Victorias nail supply may be good if you live in usa provided that they have things in stock. Pity since I would have bought it from them!


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