Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Random Self Conversing #8

Talking to myself is my day job!
A dose of Haus Of Gloi
  1. I've been trying EOTDs but I'm finding it really hard to take photos the problems being that my camera is easy to blur, doesn't take very colour accurate or saturated photos and just trying to aim for my eyes is really damn hard. I have no idea how I'm going to solve this. I can only get it colour accurate with flash ... which is blinding me aiming for my eye. Blurring is a high problem. I will keep trying to experiment with my camera but for the first few EOTDs I think they will look terrible! I can't seem to get the angle right either. If I ever get this right I think I will redo past eotds. I'm waiting for post christmas sales to get a new camera :S As you can see from my ramble I'm very annoyed! So any suggestions?
  2. Here is my thank you to all who entered. I made a post commenting on all your thoughts! I really want to show I appreciate all your efforts! As well as that I've announced the winner after a bit of drama from email services.
  3. I've done a NOTD with a very unique and pretty nail polish from Rimmel.
  4. I finally posted Part 2 of Morgana Minerals/Cryptoria about their lipsticks and I ramble on my love for them!
  5. I've also completed Part 2 of Haus of Gloi review which contains all my thoughts on the scents of their soaps and lotions.
  6. I posted a little teaser for my 2nd Meow Haul. I'll review my first order and then my second, not both at the same time.
So a lot of 2nds! Part 2's, etc. What a coincidence!

Love Porcelaine.


  1. For your photo problem
    How about setting the camera to the largest photo size then taking a photo further away [with more of your face showing] then cropping it?

  2. @ Lil: Thank you for your suggestion. The crop isn't too good on my camera because it blurs, the colours change and 5 megapixels but I'll try it. I've had a minor success cropping one of my EOTDs that I did taking just my eye. I'll try again. I know I'll be doing one on Saturday at least!

  3. You can buy a flexi tripod off ebay for a few dollars, they work like a tripod but the legs can be reshaped as well, so you can wrap them around chair backs etc. Either that or resting your camera on a flat surface should help with the blurring.

  4. @ Jade: that's a great idea! I still have trouble lighting... and trying to see the picture on my camera might be difficult (the screen is stuck on the other side of the lens). So I might try that mirror trick and hope it works. I do have a tripod as well and i'll experiment with that first. Thanks!


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