Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Ivory Peria Earrings I

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 (clip on earrings available for everyone to wear)
Delicate ivory freshwater pearls on the fresh sparkle of Aurora Borealis Swarovski crystal bicones and the bolt of silver wire dropping from your ears create a classic look suitable for any occasion.

The simple purity of these earrings would go well for a wedding or other similar occasions.

As these earrings are made from potato shaped pearls, each pearl will be unique and individual. Pearls are matched as close as possible in pairs. Check the store for other pairs as there are different appearances to choose from.

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  1. These are very nice :), very good quality nacre too

  2. @ Liisk: Thank you! I found some freshwater pearls in my stash that I totally forgotten about and you suggested real pearls so I think these look very pretty. I think I might order some more pearls and experiment.


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