Monday, January 17, 2011

Mad Cerberus EOTD

The above photos were done after the bottom photos. When I did this look it looked unwearable so I tweaked it a little using my Lancome palette. I'll write down what I used for both first and then the extra colours.
For both:
Mac Prep & prime eye primer and pixie epoxy as base
Evil shades Mad people on inner v
Evil shades Heartless queen on lid
Evil shades Cerberus on crease

ELF Black Bandit Shimmer Eyeliner Pencil
Lancome palette: Purple with gold shimmer on crease &
Ivory to blend crease and on brow

Love Porcelaine.


  1. Very pretty! I love red looks! You line your eyes so well! I hope I could do that as well!

  2. ops! I wish I could! Sometimes I forget some grammar stuff...

  3. @ Cacau: You just need practice. If you want a black liner that wears well then get a liquid felt tip eyeliner. I use Innoxa'a one or you could use ELF's too. There are a lot of companies that do it now. This EOTD uses a pencil liner from ELF which I've fallen in love with unexpectedly (I'll review it later)

  4. This bright red really suits you well :)

  5. Ivory looks so beautiful here! You really do line your eyes well, I always make a mess.

  6. @ Liisk: Thank you! Before I looked like I had tired eyes because of red, but I'm always doing red nowadays and I'm getting the hang of it (although my camera likes to redden the whole photo!)

    @ Evil Angel: I'm glad you like it! I'm loving your colours!

    @ Julia Mathias: Thank you. I don't normally use pencil but I'm finding this one great to use!

  7. i, too, love a good red look on the eyes - the whole REASON i ended up a bit addicted to Aromaleigh is because the had red eyeliner and shadow [it took me FOREVER to find red mascara, but i eventually preservered!]

    you really should, if you can, do a ELF review. i'm constantly SHOCKED buy how GOOD their products are [remember how i mention the cream liners from Urban Decay? the ELF cream liners are almost as good! not quite - but for $3 here, generally better deal. not sure of cost in other countries, but still DAMNED cheap. and good. ELF is the epitome of an oxymoron that WORKS]

    the EOTD - it appears that there is purple shadow above the crease [and it actually looks good, which i wouldn't expect from a red+purple combo] was that deliberate, a happy accident of shading, or is it a trick of light in the pic? because if it was real [even an "accident" that became real] i'd LOVE to know how you managed it!

  8. @ denelian: I've been loving red a lot for a couple years now. I'm not afraid of using it anymore since I've been getting better at applying it. I will definitely do the ELF review. I'm trying to make my posting more consistent. I'll be doing work late next month so everything will be in a queue so I don't have to worry too much.

    There is purple in the first 2 photos. I used a purple with gold shimmer from Lancome to blend out and soften the crease. The last 2 have a darkened red with a gold or bronze shimmer. I just lightly went over the top of my crease colour using the purple. If you are talking about the last two looking purple it might be because the red is a darkened red and appears as a purple.


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