Thursday, January 20, 2011

Random Self Conversing #9

Moving along!
  1. Sale on now! 15 % off storewide while I try to list more items (Great introductory prices)! Click here:
  2. Posted a pair of lovely freshwater pearl and swarovski crystal earrings "Ivory Peria I Earrings"
  3. And an Adorable Dulcinea Cupcake Lolita Skirt with yellow goodness!
  4. I was going to ask you guys how often I should post but I've given myself an ultimatum and decided I will make it a (as regular as possible) three posts a week. Something like Sunday, Wednesday, Friday.
  5. I've posted a mini review and NOTD for Color Club Revvvolution (yes, it has been done to death, I know).
  6. You've now been updated on my Macaron Mayhem! I'm going to try again some time but I need to gather some enthusiasm and dedication to this art before I dive head first!
  7. Here is my first EOTD. Enjoy it. AND my second one not to mention my Third one! Now THAT needed some sort of dedication, I need to reassure myself that it is alright to post my EOTDs...
  8. I finally posted Part 1 of Fyrinnae review. I know it seems slow but as you probably can tell I'm too thorough so there will be a part 2 and separate Pixie Epoxy post.

Love Porcelaine.


    1. Looking forward to reading more posts from you =D

    2. @ Lil: Will do! I'm trying to make a queue to make things manageable. Hopefully everything will be on time!

    3. Oh! I just thought of a suggestion just now.
      It'd help if you put a'recent comments' box on your page.
      Then we can check if you've replied to us or not!

    4. @ Lil: I was going to ask you how to do that but I googled it and I think I put on what you were talking about. It can only do 5 comments though :(


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