Sunday, January 2, 2011

Review: Fyrinnae Part 1

Godspeed to Fyrinnae! Fyrinnae have now become a well established brand with raves all over the world. This male duo have had a massive following with me included, and I eagerly watched their store for over a year before purchasing and now doing this review!

What They Sell
Fyrinnae sell vegan mineral makeup products. Although they are not mineral per say by the common definition, they still create amazing products with outstanding formulas. Products include eye shadows, lip lustres, blushes and bronzers, priming products, mineral glitters, brushes, and although not currently they used to sell eye liners.

What I Bought
(Prices in US dollars)
  • Pixie Epoxy full size $7.00
  • Arcane Magic 'Dragonmagic' eyeshadow 1/4 tsp mini $2.00
  • 'Immortality eyeshadow 1/3 tsp mini $2.00
  • 'Omgwtf' eyshadow 1/3 tsp mini $2.00
  • Lip Lustre 'Devil Horns' (Colour Changing) 3 ml mini $2.50
  • Lip Lustre 'Candy Decadence' (Colour Changing) 3 ml mini $2.50
  • Velvet gel silica primer sample $1.50
  • Powder primer $1.50
  • Free samples of 'Equality' and 'Glitterboi' (colour changing) eyeshadows
  • Free int. shipping
  • Total $21.00
The Product and Results
Looking for Pixie Epoxy? It is in a separate in depth post here!
Left to right: Equality, Immortality, Glitterboi, Dragonmagic, Omgwtf (no flash natural light) WITHOUT PRIMER, FREAK OF NATURE!
The eyeshadows are truly one of a kind. The colour range is huge, having both their 'normal' line and their Arcane Magic line which contain colour changing eyeshadows. All colours are hugely pigmented whether neutral, dark or bright and apply well even without primers (though still recommended). If they have sparkles they are prominent, create impact and the colours of the sparkles are quite obvious  - they don't just get lost between a mess of the other colours and have very good depth. The colour combinations complement together very well and it is clear that Fyrinnae know something about colour theory and chemistry to get the impactful colours.
Left to right: Equality, Immortality, Glitterboi, Dragonmagic, Omgwtf (flash)
The particles of the sparkles can be quite large but I find that they don't irritate. If you have a base to hold the sparkles then they should stay quite well but without they will flyaway similar to glitter. The formula is smooth and easy to blend, and adheres to the skin adequately, and has been pretty consistent whatever the finish. Getting on the brush, despite having lots of sparkle they hold together quite well. One comment Fyrinnae states is that working the shadows too much may result in diminished finish of the shadows. I've personally not have had problems as I don't blend too much and on Pixie Epoxy they stay pretty true. If you are a harsh blender that might be a problem.
Blurry picture of Glitterboi shows colour and sparkles. Immortality is another colour with sparkle impact.
The colour changing eyeshadow line 'Arcane Magic' is what I would call a 'gimmick'. Now before you start ranting in my comment box =P let me explain. Not all the colours will have such dramatic colour changing properties. The two that I got was Dragonmagic and Glitterboi (complimentary). Dragonmagic wasn't that dramatic and as a dark colour it is hard to show such dramatic colour change. Glitterboi is used as an example below of obvious theoretical colour change (what I mean is potentially but with camera, sample in a jar, photographic setup, enhancing this colour change). The point really is that they are not always obvious when applied on the eye.
Glitterboi straight on showing mainly blue tones.
Glitterboi showing the pinky purple from an angle demonstrates colour change theoretically.
The important thing is that you (yes, yourself) are able to enjoy its colour changing magic because someone else will certainly not notice it when it's on your eye. There is nothing 'wrong' with being this definition of 'gimmicky' but what you could see as a plus side is that because of the subtle variations in different colours it can appear to be there is a slightly greater flexibility in using these with other eyeshadows in the attempt to complement your combinations in your eye look.
All jars are neatly labeled and I really love how they do it. Although they don't have all the information I would love to have such as ingredients and size at least they label the colours properly and I would find the lack of information (if they had it even better) 'somewhat acceptable' for a sample sized product. However if the full size isn't fully labeled then I would not be impressed. The jars are the standout because what Fyrinnae has managed to do is make the product, however little you are ordering, consumer friendly. You can see the colours clearly from the side or top, labeled properly and allows for the customer to use ALL of the product being able to easily pick it up.
Free sample Glitterboi on left, Mini size of Immortality 1/3 tsp on right. Arcanes are sized between the two samples (1/4 tsp) above.
The mini sizes are worth the extra money and I would personally prefer paying a little extra for a decent use of the colours I ordered knowing the great quality I would be getting. They are actually by ratio around the same value per quantity for the price e.g. Sample bags for 1/8 tsp cost $1 usually, for an Arcane mini $2 for 1/4 tsp, equating to both $8 per tsp (though you get the extra jar to compensate for the higher upfront price).

Would I buy these products again?
Of course! These eyeshadows are worth it in quality and colour. The colours are so well balanced that there is a kind of serenity in looking and wearing these colours. There hasn't been one colour I've disliked, nothing has been below expectations (and boy were my expectations high!). All the options for sizes are the other completed half of the heart of these shadows.

Love, Porcelaine.


  1. I definitely agree about the Arcane Magic colors, they're not chameleons at all, the only one I have found to actually change colors and is worthy of being an AM is 'Conjurer' - definitely a great color.

    Also so true about the diminishing factor of them if you blend too much, I've had to learn to "unblend" since using their colors.

    In terms of daily wear, even their Pixie Epoxy isn't practical though. Personally I think other brands are slightly more impressive but there is no denying that Fyrinnae has some great colors and is the alpha dog of the Indie make up industry at the moment.

    Definitely worth having quite a few of their colors in your makeup collection though, they're so one of a kind and never fail to make you gasp over the complexity of their colors!

  2. They're alright. I'm not sure if I would get them, but maybe I'll try them when they go on sale!

  3. @ Suki.X: I think Fyrinnae is definitely for experienced wearers because they need a lot of work and their products are usually suited for makeup artists. That said, I'm still impressed and happy to use them. I'm a sparkly bright person when it comes to my eyes so Fyrinnae fits. Pixie epoxy is hard to work with if you haven't used it before but it's worth it when it comes to sparkly eyeshadows and if you are careful enough. I personally use PE 90% of the time I do my eyes just because my primers don't hold up by themselves.

    @ Y: I will try and post a picture with primer and PE to show the complexity. They are worth it if you're into complex and balanced eyeshadows. It's not expensive so I would definitely order $20 worth of samples as a first go.

  4. the first time i used pixy epoxy, i was STUNNED AND AMAZED - IT WAS THE BEST THING EVAR!!!

    since then, i can't seem to get it to work right. either i'm not waiting long enough, or i'm waiting too long [i.e. either the color "grabs" the epoxy, making "mud", or the epoxy is all the way dry and does nothing.]

    TIPS on this, please, when you do the PE review!

    [also: please let me know when you get the package? i'm worried about it to no end...]

  5. @ denelian: What you're describing to me about it getting muddy is happening to me. I think it must be a contamination problem and you have to work extra hard to make it work. I will definitely post tips of PE and tell you when I get the package!


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