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Review: Fyrinnae Part 2

Have you read part 1 yet? If not you should find it here with the review and swatches of Fyrinnae Eyeshadows.

What They Sell
Fyrinnae sell vegan mineral makeup products. Although they are not mineral per say by the common definition, they still create amazing products with outstanding formulas. Products include eye shadows, lip lustres, blushes and bronzers, priming products, mineral glitters, brushes, and although not currently they used to sell eye liners.

What I Bought
(Prices in US dollars)
  • Pixie Epoxy full size $7.00
  • Arcane Magic 'Dragonmagic' eyeshadow 1/4 tsp mini $2.00
  • 'Immortality eyeshadow 1/3 tsp mini $2.00
  • 'Omgwtf' eyshadow 1/3 tsp mini $2.00
  • Lip Lustre 'Devil Horns' (Colour Changing) 3 ml mini $2.50
  • Lip Lustre 'Candy Decadence' (Colour Changing) 3 ml mini $2.50
  • Velvet gel silica primer sample $1.50
  • Powder primer $1.50
  • Free samples of 'Equality' and 'Glitterboi' (colour changing) eyeshadows
  • Free int. shipping
  • Total $21.00
The Product and Results
Looking for Pixie Epoxy? It is in a separate in depth post here!
Looks can be deceiving. Flash at an angle showing colour change.
Let's start with the Lip lustres. First of all, Fyrinnae has described this as a lip stain, not a lipstick or lip gloss. The lip lustres are packed with pigment but I find that this has also made it drier. For the shimmery ones you have to be careful because they are more drying. Personally I find that putting on a thick layer is not a good idea and it's better to scrape the excess and do a light wash of colour. One of the most disappointing things about the lip lustres are that they do settle and sit in fine lines. A layer of lipgloss or lipbalm would be advised for better application.
Without flash, rather dull.
On the other hand the colours available are far ranging and unique. There are a lot of dramatic colours like deep plums, reds, light colours and blacks but they also have a lot of wearable colours like pinks and neutrals (romantique, visual kei and meloncholy have been known to be universally loved and wearable). Again you can see Fyrinnae's knowledge of colour theory from their eyeshadows has transferred to the lip lustres. I bought two colour changing lip lustres and I have to repeat that colour changing lip lustres are quite a gimmick, not highly dramatic.
Flash Straight on
Here are my colour descriptions of the lip lustres:

  • Devil horns described as "This shade is a warm coral-pink with a brighter pink shimmer, which changes to a sizzling coppery-coral shade as it gets close to light. In low light (a few candles, sconce, ?) the effect tends to show up even more."
  • My Thoughts: The colour changing is quite weak. In general it looks light pink shimmery texture on the lips rather than orange (the main reason I bought this was because it was supposed to be orange!). There is a slight layer of light sparkle.
  • Candy decadence described as "Looks quite green/teal, or rather forest green on purple in most light, but changes to a deep shimmering plum with pink shimmer at different angles and closer to light, or in sunlight."
  • My thoughts: The green shimmer is pretty strong when you apply it heavily but if your application is light it's the plum purple that comes up more (which if you're worried about green looking funny, a light wash of colour will help). The colour change isn't obvious at all on your lips and it looks more like a duochrome. You can't see the pink shimmer at all.
You receive them in a well labeled doe foot lipgloss tube which I love and makes for easy application for a sample size. It's quite a generous volume for the price.
Some people love the lip lustres and some people hate them. You will hate them more if you have dry lips are your lips aren't full because they will settle!
They are fully labeled even for this size.
For the velvet gel silica primer you'll have better luck. This primer is great as a base before any loose foundation providing a little grip to help the foundation adhere and give better coverage. One of the problems with this primer is that it cracks when it dries out. You need to spread it thinly and evenly on the skin or you will get dry patches. In the container it does dry and I remedy it by mixing 1 part of a thin watery moisturiser with 1 part primer and spread evenly on the face. This primer lengthens the wear of your foundation but it's not a cure, though it does work better than a lot of other primers. The packaging is a tiny labeled black pot. The consistency is like petroleum jelly.
Powder primer, gel primer (used a bit before)
The powder primer is a great counterpart to the gel primer. I use it mostly on the T-zone lightly before applying foundation (it seems to look more natural before than after) to counteract the oil prone areas. I also ran into problems with this primer. When applied at first it can be drying on even oily skin and exposes the pores, dry skin and hair (not a good look). Again it's no cure. In half an hour it might look natural. After a few hours the oilies are coming out. It still lengthens the wear of your foundation and is quite a good product for oily skin except they are no match for the Aussie sun. The sample is packaged in a shadow jar with a fair amount of product.
Product amount of powder primer after being used a bit
I use the gel primer to help foundation application and powder primer to combat oily skin and they play the two important parts of a face primer when combined in use. They apply just about transparent, the powder primer a little on the white side.

Customer service is all over the place. What I dislike the most would be the tendency for the website to go offline whether it was set by Fyrinnae or not. They frequently disable or remove products and colours. I would rather they just disabled the cart rather than the whole site so that you can decide what to get in the meantime and that current customers can check up on FAQs, etc. (and I know it is in part done to deter shoppers while they are busy). The shopping cart isn't all that user friendly; it holds your products for a max of 45 mins. There are times where I haven't always received replies from messages I've sent them and I'm not sure if that's the fault of the website or ignored deliberately.

You also have to be wary that you won't get your order shipped straight away with waiting times (as stated) that range from a few days to a month. They ship a lot faster than they indicate but you can't always depend that your order will get on time. At the time I received free international shipping which made my order totally worth it. As an international customer shipping often makes or breaks whether you will order and although they have decided to raise the purchase cost to gain free shipping, the shipping costs are still very affordable (generally under $5).

On receiving my order I'm pretty surprised that it's packed so thoroughly. It comes in a mailer with bubble wrap, corrugated paper, nicely patterned tissue paper and plastic bag (perhaps the bag isn't the prettiest to use). You can be pretty sure it will get safe to you.

Would I buy these products again?
I would buy them...The lip lustres are not the best lip product out there but they are decent and are worth the fun for the colours. For the primers I'm heading towards getting a full size. They are a great staple product. Since nothing is really a cure all, the primers are close!

Love, Porcelaine.


  1. Hmmm it looks a little bit iffy, but I'll try it if I'm feeling lucky that day =)

  2. @ Y: I think there has been too much hype on Fyrinnae in general but they do have some great chemistry in their products an innovative approaches. It's a shame they haven't done anything to tweak their formulas. Definitely go for the shadows if you love intensity, Pixie epoxy, any of the crazy colours in the lippies if you're into it and some of their face products. Everything else is probably pretty "blah".

  3. i'm struggling with PE - so i can't wait for the full write-up of it!

    how's the AL stuff working for you? :)

  4. @ denelian: I'm loving AL so much! I really love the Bete Noire collection, my fav from AL! I will post some EOTDs with them sometime soon. The PE post will probably come this week! I need to email you back!

  5. When using the powder primer you have to use the tinniest bit! When I use it like that, it really controls the oil in my T-zone, without being drying or exposing the pores... When I say the tinniest, I really mean it, haha!
    I guess that's the deal with most Fyr products?

    Also, I feel the same for the lip lustres. When I first tried them, I liked them a lot, for they were really different from everything I tried, but after trying other brands and products, I barely use them anymore. (Except bloodstains. I Love bloodstains!)
    Still, I always use lip products over a balm.

    I really like your reviews! ^^

  6. @ Cacau: The powder primer is still no match for the humid weather in Sydney, so using a little or a lot doesn't really help in the end. I'm still on the hunt for the perfect primer :(


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