Sunday, January 30, 2011

Review: Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy

(Experiment below!) This is a special post for Fyrinnae's famous Pixie Epoxy and my personal experience using it. It's going to be full of my opinion and review, tips and help with application! I know a lot of people have tried it out and reviewed it, but then again there are heaps of people who aren't really sure about how to use the product. I actually haven't seen many PE reviews because I don't have too much time, so if I've missed something, definitely ask or tell me about it.

Pixie Epoxy: What is it?
Well basically it's like glue for your eyeshadow which gives a 'wet'/'foiled' applied look, keeps eyeshadow pigmented, rich and complex, and holds sparkle and shimmer that would normally fly away. It's not a primer but if applied well will last all day.
PE works best on shimmery eyeshadows. Matte eyeshadows are harder to work with and don't stick as well. If you are using mainly matte eyeshadows I'd experiment first on your hand to see how well it applies and if it doesn't work I'd pass on the PE. Also if you don't like bright sparkly eyeshadow then I wouldn't use it either. This is really for the daring! :P

PE comes in a fully labeled tube with a doe foot applicator ($7 USD 10 ml), and there are two sizes to choose from so that you can try (mini jar $1.50 or 1.5 ml) before committing to the full size. A doe foot applicator probably isn't as good as say a squeezy tube but I still find this easy to use and reasonable. Therefore, pricing is amazing! It is totally worth it, and even for the wary and unsure, just $7 for the full size is very reasonable and a high selling point.

Ingredients are: Glycerin (vegetable derived), Purified Water (Aqua), Acrylamide/Ammonium acrylate copolymer, Propylene Glycol, Polyisobutene, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Silica, Polysorbate 20, Carbomer, Polyaminopropyl Biguanide, Potassium Sorbate.
To use: Apply your primer first. PE doesn't prime your lids but with a primer it will last. To apply open the tube and pull out the doe foot. You can apply directly to your eyes or on your fingers, but don't use the doe foot to spread the PE. Just dot it on about the size of a grain of rice for each eye (a little more if you are spreading it on a large area and under your eye) and spread with your finger evenly. It is important to get the amount right! Too much and it will probably crease, too little and it won't stick properly. Test on your hand to practice.
1. Primer (I used Mac Prep & Prime) 2. Primer with PE 3. Primer with PE and Terracotta (L), AL Bette (R) A. Terracotta (T), AL Bette (B) on P&P. B. Terracotta (T), AL Bette (B) on bare skin. (bad photo D=! No flash)
Then you just wait about 10-20 seconds and it will start to get tacky (hold your head up and keep your eyes closed as possible to prevent creasing. Pick up a brush and push the pigment into the bristles creating a dense layer of shadow on the side of the brush; you will need quite a lot and more than normal because it sticks right on. Pat it lightly on to apply it to the area (if needed) and sweep lightly (seriously you need to sweep it, as in gliding over the PE. If you don't you will create a sticky mess on your brush) it over your eyelid to fix it down. You shouldn't be getting too much fallout because it sticks (just don't heap on too much pigment on your brush). I find that if you don't put enough on your brush your brush will become clogged with PE and the PE rubs off your eye.
Same as above photo with flash
A note on blending: you might be having trouble blending it out. If you try to blend it out it will take longer than usual because of how it sticks. It would be a good idea to not put on too much shadow all over the place in the hope of blending it out, but rather put less than normal where you want to blend it and slowly layer the eyeshadow. Blend out the PE at the edges with your finger as well so there is less PE for the eyeshadow to stick to.

One important thing to note is that the better your eyeshadow is the better it will stick to PE. Using smooth, blendable shadows with a good adhesive base will help application. Application techniques are very important too so 'practice makes perfect'.

The best way to use PE? I love it as a glitter base! It is amazing that it can double as both a shadow glue and a glitter glue!

You can also put more PE on top of your eyeshadow. It's the same process as above so you can layer the PE if you need to. Make sure you have clean brushes before and after using PE or the buildup might cause PE to rub off. Also I find that as PE gets older or contaminated the effectiveness starts to fad a little. You will have to work a little harder to get the application right as it might rub off your eyelid.

To remove: PE is very soluble in water. It comes off very easily with water or remover, even with the remarkable staying power. Just take off your makeup as normal; you wont need to try any harder than you do normally.

So you're probably wondering what "the experiment" is about. Don't worry, it's pretty simple. I just did a little test patch on my hand to see how long it will take for the PE to wear out.

This is what I did: Dotted PE on hand. Spread it out evenly and leave it to go tacky. I used an assortment of eyeshadows pictured below and applied it to the PE.
Top: Revlon palette. Bottom (L-R) Fyrinnae Immortality, About Face Crisp White Shirt, Aromaleigh Rocks! Glitter prettyplease, Napoleon Perdis Colour Disc Terracotta, Fyrinnae PE
What happened: I tried this on three separate occasions for the first time when I applied the Revlon palette the colour was more pronounced on the PE. Alone the eyeshadow was very sheer and almost colourless. With my finger I swiped over the eyeshadow and on the PE it did not budge, but without the PE the rest of the shadow smudged off completely. I then 'waited'. I went to sleep, got up, and the PE still held it fresh as it was the last night. So throughout the day, I cooked, brushed my teeth, etc, which involved washing my hands, and still the PE was stuck to my hand. And the results? It lasted 2 full days, and by the end of the second day was when the majority of the deterioration occurred. Amazed? Yeah, I am too.

The second time round I repeated the first experiment but it didn't last long probably because the effectiveness deteriorated a bit and the application wasn't perfect.

The third time I took a more detailed photo log of the PE on my hand and using a range of eyeshadows from different companies and with different finishes.

L-R Fyrinnae Immortality, About Face Crisp White Shirt, Aromaleigh Rocks! Glitter prettyplease, Napoleon Perdis Colour Disc Terracotta, Revlon Soft on the Eyes palette. 
(Above and below) After being applied on PE - all colours except About Face eyeshadow were grabbed on by the PE.
(Below) Sweeping my hand over eyeshadows (oops, should have sweeped vertically :S) - PE held in place but without PE there is not much staying power. About face wouldn't stick.
(Below) About 6 hours later the glitter was starting to fall off. Take in mind this is while I've been doing things. I went to sleep at this stage.
(Below) 17 hours in (woke up) and About Face is gone, the glitter almost gone, Immortality is loosing it's sparks, Terracotta (a semi matte if still very vibrant), the Revlon palette is starting to fade but is still in good nick!
 (Below) 23 hours in and the results are similar to that when it was 17 hours in. Revlon palette starting to fade more at the edges because of everyday wear but amazingly Terracotta looks good as new.
Nearly a whole day!
Then I needed a shower...So it all came off. No picture for that!

But of course I can't compare those circumstances to having it on my eye. 
So the test I did was with the PE on top of MAC Prep & Prime. Admittedly, I hate MAC P&P. But surprisingly my makeup was almost as fresh as when I first put it with VERY MINOR creasing on having spent about 14 HOURS OF WEAR!, as well as me poking and prodding my eye making silly faces, and using dark eyeshadow too, which would be very obvious if it did stuff up.

I did try the same thing without primer and the eyeshadow disappeared within a few hours. 
The lesson here is that you need a primer or something that will stick it and control oily lids or it will crease! But with the right application, no doubt PE will last an entire day!

If you are having trouble with this then either one of 2 things are happening: 1. You need more practice with it getting the right thickness and application. When you start getting the hang of it you will love it dearly. Later it will just become one of the minor extra steps in all of your makeup process. 2. Your PE is going off or being contaminated. If it's peeling off your eye all the time and you can't get it to work you might have to bin it for another one. Test it on your hand in varying thickness with a shadow you know will work with PE and a clean brush and if it's not working on your hand it's probably contaminated (this should not be the case if your PE is new or a few weeks old. If it is ask Fyrinnae for a replacement).

Would I buy this again?
HELL YEAH! Again and again and again. No kidding! If I do ever run out! I have never seen anything like this, and on top of that I have never seen anything comparable in effectiveness and price. Things like Too Faced or Urban Decay have had hits but prices are a bummer. PE gets two giant golden ticks!

This is definitely a HG item. As much as you can get close to a theoretical 'HG' item this one comes very close.

Love Porcelaine.


  1. Yeah! It's such a fantastic product! I love the experiment! It really shows how much it lasts and lasts and lasts! ^^

  2. Reviews of P.E:

    Also there are similar products offered by other indie companies, so a few bloggers have done comparisons:

    Detailed technique tutorial:

  3. Wow! I think that I might want this if I use glitter =)

  4. @ Cacau: It's amazing the wear you get when you put it over primer! Like bulletproof!

    @ Jade: I'm pretty happy with this product so I didn't do too much research. I have seen many reviews and dupes as they came my way. I might have a look at the links though, thanks!

    @ Y: Definitely get this for glitter! It's a godsend. Works almost as well as with eyeshadow.

  5. You said you hadn't seen many reviews so I thought I'd help you out :)

    My tube is 3/4s empty, almost time to order another one!

  6. @ Jade: Thank you :D! I looked at the links. I haven't seen some of them, and you're right, I did say that. Maybe I shouldn't have said many reviews, rather some reviews. I don't know why I said that but I often mix words up. You have no idea how many words I stuffed up to my friend today. I said no time long see (among other absurd things and opposite words)!
    Definitely buy another tube of PE!

  7. i wonder if i'm using too much or too little?

    although your note about matte and PE not working together brings me GREAT relief - that's probably a LARGE part of my problem [i tend to wear a glittery shade for inner eye/drama highlight, a shimmery shade all over, and a matte in outer corner and crease... and it's almost definitely the matte shade that's the biggest issue. so i's got to change something :) ]

    while PE *does* work for glitter, i prefer specific "Sally Girl Glitter Glue" which is a squeeze tube, and you mix the glitter and the glue and then apply like a foiled eyeshadow. it just works better for me. but that's JUST me [but Sally Girl Glitter Glue? is 99cents here. so... that's enough of a difference, there]

    i should put this on your lip review for fyrinne, but i'm here and lazy - i think their lip lusters need a lip PRIMER. a lip balm would sort of work, but a primer would work better [primer should fill in lines and etc] if you have aromaleigh's primer, it might be the one that's for both eyes and lips, and might want to try. the one i use is Two Faces Lip Insurance - but it was a gift. and it's $18 here, so i'm guessing $25-ish there, and there ARE cheaper lip primers. almost any of them should work :)

    you're point about practicing in my hand is a POINT, and i will do so, now. thanks!!!

  8. @ denelian: They don't sell Sally Girl in Australia I'm afraid. It's too bad that a lot of makeup brands from all over the world don't make it to Australia because the market for makeup isn't as big. I also put glitter on top of pencil liners. That often sticks well and is easy to guide to where you want it.
    It might be better for you to avoid putting PE on your crease or putting on your matte shadow first before PE. I hope that may help but otherwise it might be easier to forfeit PE if you are using matte.

    With the lip lustres I can see what you mean. On its on I think Fyrinnae hasn't perfected application and quality of the lip lustres which I think is below their potential. I really think they can make better if they bothered. Though lip primers is a way to resolve that issue. I've mostly been keeping my lips quite moist so it's not currently a problem but for most people it's a lot of extra effort and money to resolve something which is widespread through their line. The colours are great though!

  9. i am forever being shocked at the things that don't make it to Australia! do you have the "main" cosmetics - maybeline and covergirl and such?

    the reason the lack of Sally surprises me, is because Sally Hansen/Sally girl are bigger than Sephora [but a damn sight cheaper] and i figured they'd be perfect Aus. makeup - good quality, mostly not flashy, usable in salon, but sellable for home... [and i'm thinking it was started by an Australian?]

    yeah - i never realized PE could go OVER eyeshadow, as well. i've altered how i use it, experimenting, and i'm getting closer to a it being *good* [the very first time i used it, it was PERFECT - after that, it became more difficult. so, more practice!]

    i agree that their lip lustres are, sort of... lacking. which is how i know about the primer :) i have no clue WHY, unless it's their adherance to vegan [i think they are?] or something similar. i don't quite understand vegan, but, people should do what makes them happy. so, yeah.

  10. @ denelian: I'm not aware that Sally Hansen is Australian. I don't think it is. In Australia there is Sally Hansen in one store chain I know but the selection is minuscule. We do have main cosmetics and they are about the only thing that sell and are the ones that people go for so Maybelline, Rimmel, Revlon, Maxfactor, Covergirl are the common ones. We have Inglot in some places but no one goes to shops like these (I went today and it was pretty deserted). I remember an Inglot in my local shopping centre. This was a large shopping centre but quite quiet and mostly aimed at mothers so there was no interest and it closed down and that was three or so years ago when Inglot wasn't famous at all. So unfortunate. So the general picture is that people like to get basics in Australia from the major brands. That's something I avoid now. We don't have Sephora or Sally Girl/Hansen here either and I'm in one of the biggest cities in Australia. There are heaps of people here but no market, people aren't obsessed with makeup, so it's not often a good investment to put chains like those here.

  11. i wonder why that is? is it the climate? [is it THAT un-makeup-friendly? i'm from Norther CA, and the common summer temp is 110 - it's sometimes 130. that's farenheit, of course - erm... i'm trying to remember the conversions to C, so... 32F is 0C, and 212f is 100C - gah i can't think. i think it's about 3c for every 1f? so that makes 100f = 33C?]

    or is it just that companies don't think Aus people want makeup, so don't invest in infrastructure, so people don't know about good makeup, so there's no demand?

  12. @ denelian: Well it can get up to mid 40's Celsius which according to the calculator is 113 fahrenheit. (130 fahrenheit seems a bit far fetched, are you sure about that?) I can say a lot of people avoid make up because it doesn't work well with the weather. I just happen to ignore the weather and wear my makeup regardless of how bad my face looks at the end of the day! In my opinion makeup/fashion in general is not such a large market in Australia. I think there are at least three things to it: 1st that Australians are not as fashion conscious as say ...South Korea? (I don't know if you get that, but South Koreans are quite conscious of their appearance). I'm not sure how much it compares to USA but I think it's less than USA. Secondly the population in Australia is less and less dense. So there isn't enough people to buy this stuff and it's hard to put a proper footing. 3rd that the costs of cosmetics in Australia is very high so buying the common brands in Australia (the same 'drugstore' brands USA have) is a big commitment. On average 'drugstore' mascara (e.g. Revlon) may cost $20. So renewing it every 2-3 months adds up and you buy a lot of other extras like eyeshadow, lipstick. Just to put another perspective: expensive brands like Lancome cost $44 for a Juicy Tube or Lipstick and in comparison USA cost around $20. $44 doesn't justify even all the extra costs like shipping, exchange rate and tax. So that's why people wouldn't buy stuff over here and I assume USA companies are wary of that. Also to add to that the cost of living for Australians are way higher than UK or USA = less extra money left over from living costs.

  13. average summer temp in my home town is 110F - on the worst days, 130 happens. in Death Valley [some hours south] 150f happens with regularity -

    but what is missing is HUMIDITY. you can fry eggs on the sidewalk, but you don't have humidity. sweat evaporates faster than you make it, and the lack of humidity is part of that cause. i IMAGINE Australia to be similar, a bit drier over all.

    i'm just shocked at prices. that's INSANE. and i totally don't GET IT - surely, it's not MORE expensive to import into Australia than it is into China? Why the disparity?

    remember how i bought you a bunch of Aromaleigh? i'll extend that offer - anything you want me to buy then ship to you, at US prices+shipping, i'll buy and send [within reason - i AM disabled, and i can't go shopping daily...] cuz that's STUPID and i'm pretty sure that, even with SHIPPING, it'd be cheaper for me to buy and ship to you than for you to buy :(
    [also, if it's a Sephora brand, i'll get points for that, so THAT'S useful. and if not, i'm still helping a cool friend with a cool blog!]

  14. @ denelian: Wow, that's hot! And I thought Australia was hot! But you're right about humidity. In Sydney you often get 4 seasons in one day and it's hot and sweaty some days and hot and dry on others.

    The price disparity can be attributed in part to the costs mentioned but there is this excess that can't be explained which is stupid.

    Thank you for offering. I'll keep that in mind. Don't worry. I know your position and you've already been a great help to me :)


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