Friday, February 4, 2011

Random Self Conversing # 10

  1.  Another Fyrinnae Review has been posted. This is part 2. I also posted the solely Pixie Epoxy review which is very in depth (I really suggest you read this if anything)!
  2. I just want to note that basically from now my blog will be run by queue because I will be starting work in February. It doesn't mean I'll be gone but it does mean that I may take a few days to reply to comments. Of course if it's important feel free to email me - that will probably be the fastest way of contacting me.
  3. I've posted quite a few new items in My Shop! In summary there has been a cute Cerelia Spring Comb and a Royal Leila Comb (and a couple more pairs of earrings). My sale has ended but if you've noticed at the top of my page it says FREE $10 VOUCHER! All you have to do is follow the instructions. This is partly experimental because I've never done this before! But this is definitely very worthwhile to YOU! IT'S $10+ FREE!
  4. Feel free to like my Facebook page (Widget around top right). That's the best way to get the latest updates on the blog.
  5. There have been a couple EOTDs, some of them I'm very fond of! I've tried to make them somewhat funny names: Champagne Dungeon and Scared in the Rain =P
  6. I've also started the regular 'timetable' of posting. I'm trying to aim for one review per week (the next being MAC Prep & Prime) and trying to get through them in order. I will tell you maybe a week before if there are new reviews coming up. Unfortunately that means that all the exciting posts will come next month. If I have time I might stick some extra posts per week (more than 3 per week).
  7. Recently I've posted a new 'segment' called January Adoration (replace with relevant month). It's simply some of my favourite products of the month that I've been using a lot.
  8. Suggestions for EOTDs are welcome! Really I mean it! Comment below.
Love Porcelaine.

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