Sunday, February 6, 2011

Review: OPI Not like the Movies NOTD


This is my first OPI nail polish. I went to my local David Jones with a friend. She wanted heels and as I passed the OPI counter (which I didn't know they had at my local) I couldn't help but be drawn to it. The day before I received advertising from David Jones, a catalog filled with cosmetics and on one of the page spreads they featured some new OPI bottles. I looked at the complexity of Austin-tatious Turquoise; it looked like a multichrome in the image, and I thought I wanted it.
So by a chance meeting I scanned over the bottles and looked over at Austin-tatious Turquoise. I was deeply disappointed. It didn't look multichrome at all. It was a rich blue but only at the corners of your eye could you see some of the colour shifting. Pretty boring, pretty useless.

Instead Not Like the Movies caught my eye, definitely more like a multichrome! 
I couldn't help myself. I bought it. And the first point in this review is that OPI is naturally expensive considering I live in Australia. A hefty $20! Ouch!
So after emptying my pockets I had lunch with my friend and decided to paint both our nails. She hadn't painted her nails for almost a year and a half so I had to cure that ;)!
This NOTD was one I did to redo the application of the day before (the first time I painted on top of old varnish just to try it, though I didn't do a great job here either). Below shows three of my fingers, each with different numbers of coats. The bottom right is 1 coat, top right is 2 coats, and left thumb is 3 coats.

As you can see the coverage is rather pathetic. The flash does make it seem more transparent but even after three coats it still can't cover fully, something that shouldn't be happening. This is such a disappointed from a well known company with a price that doesn't match it's quality. The polish is rather thick and dry as it is so this makes the coverage seem worse - too much effort trying to get your nails right.
More importantly is the colour. Again this is a 'gimmicky' colour. Despite the picture below showing the multichrome, in real life it's more like the silvery colours of the above photo. The colour is more like silver based purple highlight and green metallic multichrome with silver sparks like the top photo of this post.

In all, if I have to conclude this as a review I would have to say that Aussies should avoid buying OPI especially at this full price. Exceptions may include 'gimmick' nail polish like multichromes, crackles, mattes, etc. But if you can find alternatives all the better. I can't say I regret this purchase. It's definitely not worth the price but I did buy this because it was a multichrome, something that isn't always common especially around here. Buy it only if you're into a bit of trivial fun.

Love Porcelaine.

P.S. Anyone know how people polish their nails so well? It seems everyone gets their cuticles polished tidily. Am I missing something that people are using? I've been looking through the internet and can't find anything. Any help is appreciated!


  1. Wow this seems like a really disappointing buy! I hate when nail polishes have bad coverage.

  2. @ Julia: Yeah, I know! I didn't expect it to be that bad. This is my first buy from OPI so I don't know what that means for the whole brand like if the coverage is like this for every OPI shade. So disappointing but I suppose I only bought it because it was a multichrome. I definitely won't buy regular shades from OPI. Most people love OPI though!

  3. I thought this would have been a much more worthwhile color but so many reviews have said otherwise ): Very disappointed!

    And tell me about it, how painful are OPI prices here? Gah!

  4. @ Suki.X: At least it's good to know that I'm not the only one with this problem. I don't think I'll buy another bottle again. I definitely won't from David Jones at $20.

  5. [i am late. we had blizzards damned near everywhere until thursday, which was D&D night, and saturday was my BDay... so]

    1st - that "perfect nailpolish"? is nothing but practice. and more practice. and MORE PRACTICE. i'm not much better than you, and there was a point where i was painting my nails DAILY.
    the cuiticle, though - soak your hands in something soakable for 10 minutes or more [water will work, but if you're doing water, add some bath oil, a few drops] pat dry, and IMMEDIATLY apply cuticle cream or a HEAVY lotion to your cuticle. then take an orange stick [these tend to have a pointed end, and a flat oval shape end] and using the oval end, push your cuticles back. as far as you can without hurting you. trim if they're too long [i.e. they pile up higher than the normal height of your cuticles] PAINT IMMEDIATELY. your cuticles should stay back for long enough for several coats; when the "relax" back into their normal position, it'll look like it does when a professional does it.

    does that help?

    OPI. it's not ANYWHERE near that here - about $10 [which i still refuse to pay] their non-gimmick polishes are AWESOME - i have no clue why their gimmick ones always always suck - to the point where WET&WILD has better gimmick nail polish! [if you don't have wet&wild, it's ELF type prices, but it's for young teenagers and tends to be... of lesser quality than covergirl and such. ELF is cheap but generally better quality, so... yeah :)]

    *MY* nailpolish woe is two-fold - i ADORE french manicure-type looks [i really like red tips and a transluscent pink overlay] but A) it's EVEN HARDER to do just tips [and yes, they sell "guides" but they're sticky, and mess up the overcoat bcuz the sticky? doesn't like to come off!] and B) i have rhumatory arthritis, so some of my nails are. um. the curve down in the middle? hard to explain. but i HATEHATEHATEHATEHATE fake nails, so i'm stuck with my natural ones. :)

  6. whoops! with the cuticle thing - make sure to wash hands after you've pushed your cuticles back, to get all the oil and lotion and etc off before you paint. i don't know how i forgot to say that [i'm sure you'd have done it anyway, but i like to be complete, ya know?]

  7. @ denelian: Thanks for the info. I will try that out. I have heard of this but it seems everyone's application is perfect and there must be some miracle thing they're using! =P. Maybe all I need is a steady hand after all!

  8. dude, if there's some secret trick, they haven't bothered to share it with me, either! i do know that famous/rich people have professionals do their nails [and those who can afford it] and it's *MUCH* easier to paint someone else's nails than one's own. maybe that's what it is?

    if there IS a secret, and you find it, share, please? :)

  9. @ denelian: Definitely! If I ever find it out I will share and I hope there is a secret trick that makes things easier!

  10. It looks lovely on you! I have this colour and while I have fallen in love with it, I also think the quality could be better. As far as painting your cuticles neatly, it's all about the clean-up! I discovered this helpful blog post about a year ago and now my nails always look perfect!

  11. @ Shayo: Yeah, it's a shame about the quality! Thank you for the link. I'll look into it!

  12. That is quite disappointing on its own, maybe its a lot better layered over a darker colour? Anyway, you don't need OPI, you live in Australia you can get Ozotic Pro multichrome, (which I have been lemming for ages but its not available in the UK)

  13. @ Anonymous: Oh, I've always wanted to try out a few Ozotic polishes but I don't know where to get them. Australia can be a pain in it's sparseness of stockists but I'll have a go looking for them. I wanted to get GlitterGal the other day for their holos and went the the pharmacies listed on their stockists and all of them said they don't have it! Better luck next time :P

  14. @ Anonymous: Also I'll have a go at layering over black and post it. Thanks for the idea!


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