Sunday, March 6, 2011

February Adoration

This month I've reverted to my old self. I took back the colour, rigged it in, and although you may not know it my lips were full of colour this month! Unfortunately all the EOTDs I've been doing don't reveal what I do to my lips so here was what I used this month!

Evil Shades lipsticks have been creeping into my handbag. Their colours are packed with punch. I've been looking for a perfect orange and although I haven't found it yet Evil Shades' Ardour is still a stunner which creates a fiery orangey red layered over my pink/red natural lips. I've also used Devilista (which is such as retro red) and Diabolical, all colours being used for dramatic night time looks.

To go these bright lipsticks I've often had to tone down everything else. I've often done a classic winged eye, put on a fascinator with a 50's style dress and rocked somewhat a rockabilly look! To do this I used a new liner I bought at a market: L.A. Girl Mark My Eyes Liquid felt tip eyeliner. I find felt tip liners to be my favourite of eyeliner types for it's control and bought this as a sort of backup to my Innoxa one.

Like my fascinator? I wore this out a couple of times when going out at night. It had me wishing that people would wear hats and other hair accessories more often and that it wasn't so out there.

Lastly I've been hooked on my Skin79 Super + BB Balm. I'm not usually a sucker for trends but as people have been getting into BB balms I fell for it myself considering it's inexpensive price online. I'm still hugely dubious of all those exotic properties like anti aging and whitening (loved to see it true but I'm a huge skeptic) but it has almost replaced my mineral powder foundation. I haven't used any sort of liquid foundation for years, and has never been of regular use but I think I've broken the barrier now! The reason for my change has been the ease of application of the all in one balm (it blends almost seamlessly and so very natural) and mineral has never been a long lasting solution to foundation so BB creams fair similarly. I'm definitely going to try more to suit my oily skin.

That's it for this month!

Love Porcelaine.


  1. I love that exact BB cream
    It's the BEST =D
    I want to know where I can get it cheaply
    Since I bought mine in HK

  2. I love Evil Shades lipsticks and I've swatched that eyeliner a couple of times at the chemist! I always see it next to another pen style eyeliner but i can't remember which one >__<

  3. I just bought myself 5 fullsize BB creams and 8 samples :P Hoping some of them will match my skintone :D
    Great post!

  4. @ Lil: I get it off ebay. This bb cream is okay but really oily. I've been trying out various ones.

    @ SilhouetteScreams: Evil Shades lipsticks are awesome! Nothing like them! The eyeliner is okay but it can transfer. But well priced. And GIANT nib!

    @ Melly: Loved to know what you think of what you've tried. I've got three at the moment and am planning to try more.


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