Friday, April 29, 2011

April Adoration

This month I've been hauling quite a bit. I seemed to inadvertently 'prepare' for a short break by ordering a heap of makeup and grabbing more than a few products from European brand Essence.

I came across Essence's products while browsing and was ENORMOUSLY elated! Glowed like a candlestick...almost! I've been wearing their Gel Eyeliner because they were so affordable, having been scared for years to open a new pot because of how my Napoleon Perdis liner turned out: turned to about a $30 rock in a cheap plastic pot... and after I abandoned them they rose to popularity and everyone started loving them!

Essence vs. NP...obvious winner.

I also bought the most interesting of their nail polishes which consisted of a rich sparkly green called Choose Me and a multichrome type purple called Where is the party. I find the names a little immature; maybe the brand is aimed at young people?!

Where is the party would make an interesting comparison with Opi's Not Like the Movies. There are a little dissimilar when you compare the two but you wouldn't pick it from the bottle at the glance of your eye especially under normal lighting.

On a side note I've failed to mention that I've been dying my hair which was part of my Mid Year New Year Resolution. I found that part of my hair was still a bit brown and hard to dye and decided to bleach them again. If you are interested I can go through what I use at one point.

(I will review Essence some time in the future).

That's it for now and on time for once!
Love Porcelaine.

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