Monday, April 18, 2011

March Adoration

A VERY belated post!

During March I haven't really been touching my make up much especially when rushing out early in the morning. I've been further investigating BB creams and ordered Baviphat's BB cream for oily skin.

Interestingly I've been combining this BB cream with my Skin79 BB cream. I use Skin79 for my cheeks where my skin is drier and Baviphat for my T-Zone. Baviphat, although it's much drier as a BB cream still isn't the best combat to my oily skin, humidity or sweat.

I've been trying out Too Faced Shadow Insurance. I've had high expectations as it is obviously highly regarded. It's a little bit of a disappointment since it's not without its need for an expert hand. I've found it slightly muddy with application but its upside is that when used properly it lasts most of the day.

It's been a while for me at using Medusa's lipglosses. They've slowly crept into my bag again. I used to wear them daily for over a year swapping between two or three favourites chosen for their vibrancy. They 'fell out of favour' when I started to use lip balms to relax my lips. Recently I've rediscovered one of my favourites - the colour 'Temptation'.

Autumn and winter is coming about so I'm looking forward to using deep colours. Late autumn and winter are my favourite seasons just because it's delightful being dramatic and dressing up!

Love Porcelaine.


  1. @ Melly: That's great. I'm starting to get addicted to them. I don't know whether to hope not to or just be happy to fall into it! Are you getting addicted too?

  2. Huge fan of BB cream as well =]

  3. @ Lil: Yay! They aren't perfect but I've pretty much changed over from minerals to bb creams now! They are different but BB creams are so much easier to put on!

  4. I've never really tested foundations
    But the few I've used always felt really heavy
    BB creams are so much lighter!!
    It suits me because I'm pretty minimalist
    When it comes to putting on make up.


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