Friday, April 22, 2011

Review: BYS Colour Change Nail Polish - Bright Purple + NOTD

BYS has not long ago released a line of Colour Changing nail polish. Although there are 7 shades which would theoretically be snapped up by hundreds there is a curious case of Where's Wally in regard to FINDING the polishes as I found out. This is pretty consistent throughout all of BYS's products so it's hardly a surprise to me yet it still left me in utter frustration to the point of giving up my search for this elusive polish.

The generalised list of where I looked included:
  • 3 Kmarts from all different directions
  • About 3 The Reject Shops
  • and numerous discount stores such as Hot Dollar.
I concluded after going through a few shopping centres that it wasn't worth any extra effort to find these polishes. I'm sure they are fun to play with but I decided to end the official hunt in finding them, resolving that perhaps they would pop up in a month or two. So instead I decided to walk into another Hot Dollar just to look around. I headed for the nail polish stand not particularly looking for all these gimmicks, and what would you know? As you can probably easily guess I glance bottles in plastic cases saying 'BYS COLOUR CHANGE'. I couldn't decide whether to be annoyed or happy. I expressed my annoyance while in wonder, wide eyed and smiling (and inside shouting YES, YES, YESSS!!! in my head). (though none of this credit goes to BYS in its flawed distribution). What was clear from these stands was that distribution was sporadic to the point that only 4 shades existed in this store seeming like a Hot Dollar lucky dip that had no real intention of properly stocking, just making do.

So finally I avail the exciting new Colour Change nail polish 'Bright Purple'!
Pink base and Purple tips!
This colour is quite a lovely number. When cold it turns a bright and deep grape purple and when warm turns a bright magenta/fuchsia. The colour change is immediate and takes a couple seconds to fully change, and is dramatic and obvious. This works best in winter. The polish finish is a semi matte. Others have compared the finish as a 'jelly' but I wouldn't say that's a proper comparison. It has a plastic look finish that is sort of like a jelly but not as glossy. What I love best is that if you are warm in cold weather the tips darken to purple while the base is bright pink (shown to some degree above)! Just the washing of your hands sets off the nail polish immediately so it's a worthwhile entertainment.

Warm hands makes the polish look pink.
 That would pretty much sum up all the good bits of this nail polish, which brings me to the bad points. This nail polish is painful. I've previously tried BYS years before BYS came into the spotlight and I HATED them. The quality of their makeup used to be hideous and very underwhelming (I probably should show you my past purchases from BYS, so perhaps another review). Primarily the problem was that their nail polish was under pigmented, runny, watery with very bad coverage. Sadly this hasn't changed and Bright Purple has the same underwhelming consistency. Can you imagine that it took 5 coats to cover my nails to this point?

Now compare freezing hands! Purple!
That wasn't the only problem with the consistency. It doesn't have the ability to harden like most other nail polishes which makes marks and damage easy to accumulate. The time to fully dry can be long extended because of how easily it is to damage.

So to end really it's not the best buy you could ever make. At $3.99 if you can get it (about $5 online I've seen) makes it fairly affordable for a gimmick type nail polish. Bright Purple in particular is worthy of a try considering how sensitive the colour change properties are!

BYS is stocked in Kmart, The Reject Shop and Hot Dollar/discount stores around Australia! Blue & Bright Pink will be reviewed soon!

Love Porcelaine.


  1. Hey! There's a store in TGV Town Hall across from Chica Booti that's selling BYS products at bargain prices. 3 for $10. I bought some cracking nail polish which I'm testing as we speak! It looks pretty cool!

  2. @ Lil: Oh really! I will check it out. I haven't been to Town Hall in a while but maybe I'll go later this week. Thanks Lil and tell me what you think of their crackles :D!

  3. The crackles are pretty sweet! Well, BYS isn't the best quality brand right? But it works quite well. I bought black, but might consider getting white! But one of the small annoying things was that for a couple fingers, I applied it too thickly and it didn't crack. I think you have to apply a thin layer. In your review you said that BYS is really crap in terms of watery nail polishes. I guess the crackling layer hides that =P They come in sets of 3 with a base colour, crackling polish and top coat.

  4. @ Lil: Well that certainly makes that nail polish worthwhile since it covers up weak nail polishes! BYS hasn't changed for me. I bought a couple of their nail polishes years ago and it wasn't well known but even now the quality is at least the same if not worse as the old ones. I'm dying to try it out now :P!

  5. Ok reporting back. THE CRACKLING LAYER CHIPS REALLY EASILY. I even applied a top coat, and I didn't use their top coat because I already had a bottle of top coat opened. It's NYC. I don't know if that's better or worse. I just picked it up at 7 Eleven when I saw it was only $2. I'm kinda annoyed because the crackling looks pretty cool but it's chipping and it might be because I'm typing a lot but that's not excuse for it to chip!!

  6. @ Lil: What a shame! Definitely try a range of top coats and see if that helps. A lot of the cheap top coats are pretty useless. Typing isn't enough to make it chip that much!

  7. Yeh but is the BYS top coat going to be any better? I mean, BYS isn't the best quality itself. I repainted my nails with a silver nail polish from NYC [also $2 from 7 Eleven] and it's pretty good. 2 coats of the silver and one coat of the top coat. I've used this top coat on other nail polishes and it's been alright. I generally don't buy expensive branded nail polishes because they're so temporary though.

  8. @ Lil: Probably not going to be better but it's worth a try considering you have it already! I don't wear top coats in general. I have a Maybelline one and it makes my polish plasticy. I can't really be bothered to invest in an expensive one so I can't tell you whether they are worth it or not. Nails are the last on my list of considerations so I like to spend my money on lip and eye products :P!!! I have considered a Revlon one and might try in the future.

  9. Haha I don't tend to invest in expensive make up or products in general. It sounds terrible because it's stuff I'm putting on my skin and body. But tbh, I don't really use stuff often, and that's why I don't really invest in anything expensive. Slightly disappointed by the crackling nail polish, but I'll give it another go once my silver nail polish wears off. I have to have nice nails this week because it's my birthday and I don't want to have disgusting nails in photos!! TEEHEE!

  10. @ Lil: Oh, Happy Birthday!!! I bet you'll be going somewhere nice! I hope you have great fun!

  11. Thank you <3
    I went to Sushi Choo for dinner!


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