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Review: Evil Shades Part 1

Evil Shades is a new up and coming makeup store taking an edgy and angelic take on cosmetics in the indie world! They are a brand that I've come to love in all that they have produced. 

What They Sell
They are famous for their lip products including lipsticks and lipgloss, a range of shadows and have recently expanded to eye primers, cuticle creams, perfumes, blushes and more! I bought a selection of lipsticks, lipglosses, their primer and some eyeshadows.

The Lip Haul!
The Product and Results
The lipstick colours are mostly bright and unusual but there are a couple of 'normal' colours (personally I love bright & unusual). I went straight for the bright reds and an orange and was not disappointed. Here are the descriptions and my thoughts:
  • Diabolical described as "Coppery metallic red"
  • My thoughts: This is actually a really wearable red. It's not overly bright as far as reds are concerned and the metallic and slight copper tones it down to a natural warm red. Dare to wear this everyday!
  • Devilista described as "Cool tone red creme (some call it a moisturising matte)"
  • My thoughts: It really is the perfect cool matte red. Great to use for a classic or pin up look!
  • Ardour described as "Juicy orange creme"
  • My thoughts: Subjectively and subconsciously this sounds like a good description. However it's a bright deep orange matte by itself. On my lips it's totally different and transforms into a orangy red and looses it's yellowness. I just wish this colour would hold up the orange much more than it does on the lips (granted my lips are inherently quite pigmented).
From L-F, top to bottom (flash): Banshee, No Angel, Venom, 
13th Hour, Carna, Astraea's Embrace, Deadly,
Diabolical, Devilista, Ardour

No Flash

This lipsticks have a texture that I'm absolutely in love with. They are not like conventional lipsticks, are a lot lighter and of a balmy consistency but they are not very drying and highly pigmented nonetheless! On the lips they are light and comfortable and it doesn't have that feeling of worry you get from conventional lipsticks like whether they are going to come off, carefree to wear like a lipbalm. I'm close to saying that this is a Holy Grail and they are considering the unique type of formula.

They are scented somewhat so if you are sensitive these might not be for you. I'm actually quite fond of the scents. Wear is really great if you don't eat! But if you do you will need to reapply as with most lipsticks. These lipsticks come in a lipbalm tube.

Lipstick tubes.

The lipglosses differ between formulas and even colours. The Wicked glosses are thick in texture in the pot but are smooth, light and not sticky on the lips. The Liquid Sin glosses are very similar to the Wicked glosses but are a little more liquid. Some colours are more pigmented than others. Most of the colours are like a tint with the exception of Astraea's Embrace (and perhaps others I haven't bought). Here are the colour descriptions:

The split in formula for 13th Hour.
  • Wicked glosses: Venom described as "Black low shimmer"
  • My thoughts: You could say that the shimmer put into the pot is just decorative. On the lips it's a nice glossy mid pigmented black. Definitely a good pick for those into the black tinted lips trend.
  • Deadly described as "Deep dark red with sparkle"
  • My thoughts: There is a slight sparkle which looks more like a shimmer but is a nice dark vampy red.
  • 13th Hour described as "Medium Purple with multi color flecks"
  • My thoughts: This was less successful. The formula split a bit with the base and pigment separate. When swatched the flecks don't really appear but it's a blue based purple.
  • Banshee described as "Teal blue sparkle"
  • My thoughts: I think this is one of the disappointing shades. The bright aqua shimmery shade is watered down when on the lips to a tint and is more diluted that expected from a colour so bright and unique. I find that unfortunate as the colour is mesmerising in the pot.
  • No Angel described as "Warm red with low shimmer."
  • My thoughts: This is a gorgeous pigmented red but it's not quite warm red but a more leaning to cool red. It doesn't appear that shimmery.
  • Liquid Sin glosses: Carna - My thoughts: This is a mid to high pigmented colour. It leaning to a blue based red and is not shimmery when worn like it appears in the bottle.
  • Astraea's Embrace - My thoughts: This is mid to high pigmentation and brings out that lovely plum I'm always addicted to and the shimmer comes up nicely.
The TUBE (Liquid Sin) VS.

What I hate the most would be the Wicked gloss packaging. They are packed in a pot whereas the Liquid Sin glosses are in a tube. Luckily this problem is now solved and Evil Shades package them in tubes now! Samples come in clam shells which can be fiddly.

The POTS (Wicked Gloss).

Another problem I did come across was the separation of the Carna Liquid Sin gloss. I have to cut some slack because when it did split it was in the middle of a heat wave of more that 40 degree celsius heat for almost a week. Heat waves aren't uncommon in Australia but this heat wave is an exception. Still in the most perfect sense it would be nice if this product didn't have this problem. If you do come across this you can mix it back up the best way you can. Other than that if you're still having a problem with consistency you might have to bin it.

Pricing is very reasonable and with the buy 2 get 1 free offer it was absolutely worth it, shipping likewise.

The website isn't the best. Although I like how straightforward navigation is, I find the backgrounds a little distracting and I wish there was a more complex integrated cart on the page. Sometimes the writing isn't consistent. The ingredients lists differ between the product page and the ingredients page. Some pictures are missing while others shouldn't be there while they are not being sold. Still I'm sure that will improve in the future.

The packaging suffers like the website in it's simplicity. I do like 'simplicity' but this is a bit substandard packaging. Evil Shades have changed their labels which will help create a more finished product that each product deserves. Shipping can take longer than usual but the packages are packed well with tape on the lip products to ensure it safely gets to you without leakage and pretty organza bags to put them in. I'm really satisfied that they do this.

Would I buy these products again?
I'm yearning for more! If I had the funds I'd buy every colour straight away. I am enamored by the lipsticks for the colours and the excellent formula. I can definitely see them as a product I'll wear everyday. I'm lusting for the Hardcore lips and they are first on my to buy list!

Love Porcelaine.

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