Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Review: BYS Colour Change Nail Polish - Blue & NOTD

Warm fingers with flash
As we continue this series today I'm exploring BYS's Colour Change nail polish in Blue (If you haven't seen already I've done Bright Purple here). I ranted my disappointment with BYS in general but putting it behind me for now here is the review and NOTD for Blue!

Cold fingers with flash
To start off Blue has surprised me. After using Bright Purple I had expected to see Blue having the same watery problem. Instead I found that I was satisfied to use 2 coats VS. Purple's 5 coats of polish, and 3 coats for opacity! What a difference! Still I found that it's not a strong polish which is easily damaged.
Warm fingers without flash
Something much more surprising was the finish of this polish. It's unusual to have a turquoise polish as a matte but this is what you get! It's pretty much a full matte (purple was a semi matte leaning to a jelly). It looks glossy in the photos but it's not!
Cold fingers without flash
In terms of colour change it's not as dramatic as purple and doesn't get the tinged tips effect at all. It IS noticeable between the different temperatures so it's worth the try and is very enjoyable. When cold you get a deeper blue based turquoise, when warm you get a nice greeny almost minty turquoise which I personally love! 
The differences side by side with flash
So after all the bad luck I've had in the past with BYS it's good to see that not every polish is a dud. If it had such a dramatic effect as Bright Purple's then this would be a great steal at $3.99!

BYS is stocked in Kmart, The Reject Shop and Hot Dollar/discount stores around Australia! Bright Pink shade will be reviewed soon!

Love Porcelaine.

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  1. i so love this color , it is beautiful , I also love the pink , it is my fav , by any chance would you be interested in doing a swap?? , my name is georgia and i am from ohio , i cant find these polishes anywhere , but i have lots to trade alot of essie and opi , , my personal email is mypinkrainbow at live dot com please put cupcake in the subject line in all caps so it comes to my personal box and not to the spammy folder , thanks so much and hope to here from you ,
    kindest regards


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