Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Review: Skin79 BB Balm Triple Function (Hot Pink)

I'm not usually one to fall for trends but a few months worth of BB cream posts popping up everywhere had me curious to see what the commotion was about. The Asian makeup world is in rapture in it but it's time that I test this theory out!

Again this review will be slightly different to my normal approach. You'll have to note that the outreaching claims of BB creams in general is debatable and needs a more thorough and long term approach to be able to be properly reviewed! 
What I Bought

Skin79's Hot pink BB balm is one of the lower end BB creams available in terms of price but is one of the most popular because of it's affordability. It features claims of whitening, blemish control and anti-aging properties, and SPF25. BB creams are a sort of all in one foundation/tinted moisturiser that can provides mid range coverage and reduces the appearances of blemishes usually coming in only one colour. This BB cream is recommended for those with oily skin and its counterpart is the Gold version of this BB cream for mature dry skin.

The Product and Results
Claims Galore!
Let's just get some of these claims out of the way. There is no way I can tell right now whether this can whiten or turns back wrinkles. I don't have wrinkles (bless the genes and fat!) so that makes this part un-assessable. I also lack the time or usage to show whether this will whiten my skin which would be a plus if that happened to be. But face it, it is unlikely that there is any possibility for these to work either because they don't or require a higher concentration and intense usage to see visible effects. BUT I am willing to try some of these style of products on a regular long term basis, something like 4 or 5 days a week after I trial a few more BB creams.
And the cacophony of ingredients!
So how about as a foundation? This BB cream, like most BB creams, is a cross between a moisturiser and a foundation. It is a medium coverage application, but what is truly stunning about this foundation is the quality of application. It applies basically flawlessly: flawlessly if you have pretty good skin, but so much better application than other foundations for somewhat dry and blemished skin due to the way it melds into your skin and the dryness could possibly go right away.

How to dispense the product. It's a press pump (yep, press on that tab).
You can also control the amount you need. Put less if you want it to act like a tinted moisuriser and you'll also get moderate SPF plus it will help counteract redness (it's amazing at evening out the skin and redness but moderately for dark spots in general). Put more and layer it on to get moderate coverage. Either way you end up with a light and comfortable feeling on your skin. It's not mask like, it feels like wearing nothing.

The colour range is ... well, almost nothing! There is only one shade available but don't let that fool you. On first appearance the shade gives a greyish cast but application and time should resolve that. If you have light-medium to medium coloured skin this foundation will blend right in. The trick to application is to rub it in with your fingers until it is smooth without streaks and blends into your skin colour. This is where it differs to conventional foundations in that it needs more blending in but instead the match to your skin works out a lot better rather than shade specific, masking foundation. If your colour match isn't perfect, 15 mins to half an hour causes a slight colour change. It doesn't drastically oxidise but is subtle and could very well cause a match.

I think the wear of this BB cream is quite good. The only problem is oiliness. For me the T-zone is always worse off and is obvious after a few hours, with a nice gloss =P after several hours! I know some people blot their face and I think this can be done without removing too much of the cream. Other parts of my face seem unaffected and I think use of this cream in winter time could perfectly balance out this problem and provide the moisturiser beneficial for dry climates. The foundation keeps its colour and doesn't fade significantly through the day.
In case you're wondering what the colour is!
And what about blemish control? I'm not sure how this acts or cures acne as it claims to do. I don't wear it everyday so what I can say is that it doesn't break me out more than I usually do. This is always a personal circumstance; like any cosmetics different people will have different reactions to those products, so try and see.

The key thing to remember is to treat it like foundation and not moisturiser at the end of the day. It NEEDS to be cleaned off with makeup remover.

Coming back to the price, I bought it on Ebay which made it extremely affordable but on their own site you're looking at a price of $40 which isn't ideal. Head to Ebay and it will be under $10 + shipping.

So BB creams, are they the way to go? I haven't worn any type of liquid foundation for years and have never worn them regularly in my life. For the past few years I used mineral foundation because they looked natural but on trying BB creams I'm almost convinced of using this as my main foundation. This BB cream is natural, light, easy to wear, applies faster than mineral and still matches my skin colour. Minerals aren't perfect either; they don't last long and still leaves you oily after a few hours. I'm seriously considering BB creams as a replacement and have purchased more to test this out!

Would I buy these products again?
In general in terms of BB creams, YES, I'm hooked! Skin79? Perhaps but it depends on how other BB creams fair against this one. If you are prone to oily skin stay away!

Love Porcelaine.


  1. I use this product and love it!
    Btw this is Lil;
    Blogger and Google Accounts are acting up.
    I can no longer use my account to comment T_T

  2. I have a sample of this one, and I agree it's nice, but I personally love Lioele's Triple the Solution the most :)

  3. Ohhhh! This sounds really interesting! :D I want to hear more! ^___^

  4. @ Lil: I hope you get your account fixed! Did you email Blogger? I remember you said you got yours in China and you were worried about it running out. Ebay has heaps of sellers so you might want to try that and not have to worry.

    @ Melly: I have been wanting to try Lioele's Triple the Solution but I keep finding the other Lioele one. I might see online some time but I have 2 BB creams to get through! :P

    @ Cacau: That's great that you find it interesting! I hope it helps you decide what to get. I will post the Baviphat bb cream review maybe in 1 or 2 weeks time.

  5. It seems I'm not the only one who has this problem according to google, but I should email blogger! I'll do so after exams. And ooh ok I'll check out Ebay. But surprisingly, I still haven't run out!


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