Sunday, June 5, 2011

May Adoration (+ Twihard mania?!?!)

This month there seemed to be an endless supply of makeup on my tables and shelf. I think I've finally realised my hauling was *perhaps* going a bit over board? I had ordered a range of products online which arrived late April and am ashamed that I have a few bags of fairly untouched makeup (from this haul and other buying frenzies) including a tonne of ELF and Lancome cosmetics *#@%! My family also agrees that I'm nuts for buying all these things.

I left them there for a while to deal with 'later'. I did put them away! Not all from haul.
To add to it you might find that I seemed to be reduced to a teenager from the above picture. You're probably thinking "Twilight, ewww! Shiny vampires are a no go zone Porcelaine!". Ah, yes, I agree. However for anyone who knows me they know I cannot resist gothic tinged items. I'll head straight for the baroque covered books and boxes, take hostage of a few black, red and navy candles, lust for YSL's black lippy, MAC's Style Black collection and Lipstick Queens Black Tie Optional lipstick and gloss, and steal some fancy French boudoir armchair to go with it! So when I saw Twilight items at $3 at Priceline as well as online I couldn't resist.

One thing I cannot resist whether it be Twilight or not is interesting or coloured mascara. I remember trying to find red mascara everywhere (but never found them). Instead a friend got me a pink one which was gorgeous nonetheless, and I bought a purple one from Almay, started collecting glitter mascaras as soon as they popped up in the stores, hoarded a couple Lancome ones with a bit of sparkle throughout the formula and to end it all I picked up a couple Twilight ones this time to spoil the mix!

L-R: Pink mascara, purple Almay, Lancome sparkle, coloured, glitter, etc. Not everything but you get the idea!
So I concluded why regret because of a story? May I smother myself with makeup as long as I'm happy! No one can really tell I put some Twilight makeup anyway :P!

(P.S. This Twilight line is supposed to be made by Duwop which is a great and reputable brand, and the packaging is quite attractive. I love the gothic borders and the bare trees! Had they been made at kiddy standard I probably would have steered away in horror...)

Love Porcelaine.


  1. :) that looks like an INSANE stash

  2. @ Y: Haha, so true! I'm a little ashamed since I know there's like 10 times more of that kind of stuff hidden elsewhere. It's hard to actually use and finish things but at the moment I'm trying really hard not to open new things and get rid of old things. Then I won't have to feel so ashamed! :P


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