Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Review: Baviphat Magic Girls BB Cream #1 Fresh for oily skin

So after the general success of Skin79's BB cream I had to investigate further and also get a product that was tailored to my skin. After intense research and a long bout of decision making my next contestant came from Baviphat, often known as the Korean version of Benefit, and their BB cream version designed for oily skin. So here's to testing it out!

The Product and Results
As what has already been pointed out is that this Magic Girls BB cream is a version for oily skin which I chose because Skin79 created an 'oil slick' effect on my T-zone (not at all desirable!). Baviphat has another version suitable for dry skin. This BB cream gives a matte finish which fits well for oily skin (Skin79's is dewy which I forgot to point out). As usual the more you blend the better the application.

Middle is the cream normally, slightly thicker than Skin79, Left is lightly blended and Right is blended in.
But this product is different in many ways to Skin79's BB cream. There are a few understandable issues that I was slightly disappointed about. As it's made for oily skin the formula is much drier (which is indicative from the matte finish) and enhances any dry patches on your skin. It takes a while longer for it to meld and to be rid of the dryness so if you are typically dry in some areas it's not a good match. It's still layerable and it's actually very good coverage and a lot more like a traditional foundation! It's not too heavy and you can control how much you want.
Left is Baviphat, Right is Skin79

The colour is also a bit darker than Skin79's which I was a little disappointed. When blended it's probably the equivalent of a shade darker but you can really tell when put side to side in the creamy state. It takes time but it gradually blends to your skin colour. The wear is great!

Colour on white paper. It's not that dark when you wear it!

But I had to end with a slightly sorryful note. It's no perfect match. I've still found trouble with preventing the oil build up over the T-zone. After a few hours it's noticeable especially on hot days. Granted it's enormously better than Skin79's, can be almost fine during cool days and my skin is horridly oily normally. I'll cut some slack; if you are a very oily person this is your best bet! 

How do I use it?
If you've seen my other blog posts you may have noticed that I've mentioned using this with Skin79's hot pink BB cream. I have a very oily T-zone but the rest of my face is generally normal. I apply Skin79's BB cream on my cheeks and Baviphat's on my T-zone, blending well. After 45 mins the shade difference and finish isn't noticeable and Baviphat's BB cream helps to keep the oilies away for longer.

Would I buy this products again?
I'm still searching for 'the one' but I have a feeling that in terms of dryness this is probably the driest you'll find on the market (there are only a couple others I'd consider trying in these stakes) and for this reason I would definitely repurchase if I find no better alternatives for oily skin.

Love Porcelaine.

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