Saturday, June 25, 2011

Why don't you "Snazzle"? NOTD # 6

Here's another from my favourite cheapy brand. It's actually quite unique and well done which isn't often said about cheap polish brands. This colour is also a bit odd, and I was odd about how I put it on! 
Yet again it's $2.50 from a local pharmacy by Ulta3.
The colour is called "Snazzle", a nicely dimensional silver demonstrated by the photo below.

The above photo, taken in sunlight, shows it shift from bright white to mid grey. I think this nail colour is slightly magical. But what I did with this polish was used one coat.
I rather like this colour with one coat. It has a transparency look about it and frankly I'm not really into 80's robot nails (though the below photo is vaguely reminescent of the glassy vampire nails).

The above taken indoors shows this 'glassiness' that I quite love. It makes the polish more wearable and natural. Solid silver tips may be a bit distracting and over dramatic.
Below I tried to take a photo at an angle to show this glassiness. Directly it's silver but indirectly it's almost transparent. I'm surprised a simple silver has some complicated behaviours!

Of course I'll try to show you 2 coats for those into solid silver tips!

Love Porcelaine.

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