Saturday, July 16, 2011


Finally the first new collection has arrived called 'Lipstick Feminist'!
This is something special to me. It is more than just makeup.
It is more than aesthetics but a celebration of women.
There are many things that the Lipstick Feminist Collection represents to me.

First it's about so many women who have surrounded me with their loving presence.
I can never deny that even as an adult these people have made life worth living.
They may be friends and they may be family and they may be people I look up to,
Many of which have been represented in an eyeshadow individually or collectively.

Secondly it's about women as a whole. Today women are still undervalued.
This is not about the external political battle (which is still so important).
The importance is the everyday ones where real women live everyday with stressful circumstances and responsibilities, perhaps having to be all the roles needed in their families or community.
I chose the line 'Lipstick Feminist' from a great friend who described me as one.
But I know it goes beyond describing me, but rather most women today in my country
and certainly many others around the world.
It's about women celebrating both being a woman, being proud to dress as they wish, be who they are, but at the same time remembering the power, rights and values they deserve.
It's alright to be the 'stereotypical woman' or not to be the stereotypical woman, but they should be able to choose which path they want to take.
Being caring and soft and beautiful shouldn't be shameful or weak.
Neither should being out of the stereotypical context considered as unnatural.

Thirdly you will soon notice that some of the eyeshadows have been based on bloggers.
I want to acknowledge some of those who take the time to blog as I know well the extra time and effort we take to keep going outside of our busy lives involving work, study or taking care of others.
Although it may seem out of touch with reality the online world should be considered as real as the people in our own physical 'reality'.
We all might not have come face to face but we are all a network of friends nonetheless!
Here's to the bloggers!

Pictures of the eyeshadows in the collection will be revealed shortly.

Love Porcelaine.


  1. Can't wait for the big reveal!

  2. !! I'M SO EXCITEDD!!! I want to review/try everything in your collection :)

  3. @ Lil: It's getting very close. This week definitely!

    @ Y: Love to know what you think if you get round do trying them all!

  4. @ Orla: Thanks! The eyeshadows are now up on my site. You can find it at


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