Friday, July 29, 2011

ELF's Australian Online Store

 If you Aussies haven't already heard E.L.F (Eyes, Lips, Face) has opened an Australian online store.
For a while now I've known about this but they haven't actually put all the products on their website which has been announced as gradually being added in the next 5 weeks.
I'm a bit half hearted about this.

It's great no doubt to finally have this famous line back in Australia,
and for so long ELF USA doesn't ship to Australia.
But consequently the store has significantly marked up the prices.
For example an eyeliner that normally costs $1 USD is nearly $4 AUD.
For most items the cost has been marked up about 400% which is a little worse than UK and Europe.
I know that by writing this I'm inadvertently publicising ELF which I'm not really wanting to do.
But I guess hear a few things.
If you are wanting ELF products then I suggest you find a friend in USA to save you the markup (which at the moment is huge due to the higher Australian dollar).
Secondly I'm keeping a watch on the Aussie ELF website to see what kind of deals they have.
If they are anything like the ones in USA then it might be a deal worth buying for.
Lastly I have a giant haul of ELF products yet to be reviewed.
Incredibly it has been sitting around for an eternity but I haven't the chance to do it.
When I do get around to it it may help you to decide whether to buy or not.
ELF is hit and miss and it's easy to blow 4 X more than you bargained for.

Love Porcelaine.


  1. I'm really irritated by the site too. It's taken them AGES to add everything, and even then the prices aren't that decent. I looked at their Studio Line page today and EVERYTHING is $9.99

    I suppose I should be glad that someone is selling makeup for $10 in Australia, but it's not cool when it's so much cheaper everywhere else

  2. If I'm wanting something then I'd ask a friend in USA because knowing the price difference is enough to make me sick. It's excessive but it's ALWAYS the story over here. Sometimes I wonder about being Aussie. We never get the right end of the stick considering we have the capacity to deserve it. I'm not always all for consumerist society but this is ridiculous.

  3. It's so horrible, it almost makes me want to cry sometimes. I know we live at the bottom of the world so it must cost a lot to ship here, but just because we can afford to pay more (with our high minimum wages and high cost of living) doesn't mean we want to :( it's really depressing tbh.


  5. @ SilhouetteScreams & Angie: I wonder if the Aussie site is fully owned by USA? If it is then that's disappointing. They get product price (includes profit), markup, exchange rates minus tax and shipping. Which obviously doesn't equate to 400%.

    Yep, we have it good in Australia! T_T


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