Saturday, July 23, 2011

Random Double NOTD with Inglot!

This is from a very long time ago. This colour is gorgeous and awesome quality.
I'm guessing this is one or two coats. 
This brand which I think is Korean makes nice dimensional colours, pigmented and good consistency.
The colours are always flattering!
But I also decided to pair this with Inglot's flaky nail polish.
This is the green/blue colour but unfortunately you can't quite see it in this picture.
It appears as a slightly ethereal light green on the blue.
I love this flaky and I'll write up a review of it when I have time!

Love Porcelaine.


  1. OMG I have this exact same nail polish.
    Do they still sell these near our old high school?

  2. I think so last time I looked. I saw them in 123 dollar shop in Eastwood for $3 as well ($1 more).


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