Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Review: Revlon Just Bitten Lip Stains (first release)

My fellow blogger Cacau had just written a review on the current Revlon Just Bitten stains. Interestingly they didn't get the first limited edition range in Brazil but I just happen to have all four of the old ones! What does that call for? A review and comparison of course!

The Product and Results
A few years ago the first limited edition range by Revlon released accompanied by sugar dust, some intense blushes, chrome lip colours, some sort of velvet range of lipsticks and so on. I really loved these when they were released because at the time there wasn't a range of new and pioneering concepts that could be easily purchased. Being totally sucked in I bought a couple things full priced, then waited till the end of the phase and snatched up A LOT of discounted items.

Swatches! Plum Wicked, Berry Juicy, Cherry Tart, Blood Orange

So one of the stains I bought I think it was full priced and the other three were discounted. I loved the idea of a stain and much more than that it was reminiscent of how Elizabethan makeup used to be! These stains came in at least 4 self explanatory colours: Plum Wicked, Berry Juicy, Cherry Tart and Blood Orange. They come in a clear roller ball tube with silver foil text that looks so luxe but the label wears over time. It is a smooth liquid of lip stain, kind of like berry juice slightly reduced on the stove (in fact all colours have fruit extracts that correspond with the colour name)!

But there inlaid a problem. Trying to get 'full' coverage was impossible which you had to smooth out with your lips or your fingers because of the roller ball. The formula also doesn't 'set in' and dry on application; it stains but doesn't paint and will rub off at first. In comparison to Cacau's version, the new lip stains apply with a felt tip brush for precise application and I have a feeling it's a different formula, with all new colours.

 I wiped the stains off with a tissue after a few minutes and they stained.

 Courtesy of Cacau

But I have to say my formula is more typical of a 'lip stain'. It likes to cling to your inner lips rather than the outside and gives it more of a stained look rather than a painted one. If this is the look you are going for then the old one trumps! I also seem to see that it's more subtle and blended whereas the new one shows more of the patchiness. Both are good at letting your natural lip colour shine through (on my pigmented lips they redden).

Definitely nothing like this coverage
It doesn't wear well. I think that's a typical lip stain thing. It fades away when you eat and it's really for the effect. But it's good that it's a look that doesn't necessarily 'need' maintenance (except for having soft moisturised lips), the whole point is that it's a stain rather than a full application of lipstick.

 Courtesy of Cacau. Her version is a bit patchy after eating.

Would I buy these products again?
Trying to compare blogger to blogger is a little complicated but from observation I think I can make reasonable conclusions. Overall when you compare the old and the new one there are separate advantages. I personally prefer my one for the 'Just bitten' lip stain look, but if you like subtle lip tints with proper coverage then the new one's for you. I would totally buy this again and you can tell seeing as I bought all four!

Love Porcelaine.


  1. Awww! I wish those had come to Brazil! They sound good! :D

  2. Maybe you can get some online? If I ever see them around I'll send you a message if you're still wanting them.


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